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Another Great Burger Recipe

One of the greatest compliments that my husband paid to me was saying that my burger recipe beat a well-known burger chain’s recipe. Although the internet is inundated with burger ideas, I’m still going to throw mine into the ring. It’s simple and, because I wasn’t simply blessed with great cooking skills, it developed via trial & error. I hope it works for you as well!























1-2 lbs. ground beef

a squeeze barbeque sauce

a squeeze Ketchup

a squeeze Mustard

Salt & pepper

Onion Powder

To make 4 burgers:

In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients. Mix until the seasonings & condiments are all mixed in & no longer visible. Heat skillet on medium heat. Roll meat into 4 separate equally-sized meatballs. Squash them into burger form. Place in skillet. Using a utensil or your finger, poke 4 holes in the burger. Cook to desired level of ‘doneness’. Eat.

A few quick notes:

We used 90/10 meet. For my husband, it’s non-negotiable. He won’t eat any other burger meat percentage. After having used just about every other percentage over the years, he’s convinced, rightly so, that it put ALOT of weight on us. Also, I use the sea salt pictured. It’s a preference. Use whatever salt you want. The same goes for all the other brands pictured. We poke holes in the burgers to prevent them from swelling in the middle and shrinking.



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