The Werewolf of Bamberg: Oliver Pötzsch

Book #5 in The Hangman’s Daughter Series

Jakob Kusil, The Schongau Hangman, has a tumultuous relationship with his younger brother, Bartl. Events from the past have created an animosity between them that hasn’t lessened over time. However, they share a profession which is why Jakob sent his son, Georg, to be Bartl’s apprentice in Bamberg. Georg had gotten into a bit of trouble & a change of scenery was in order. When the Kusil family receives an invitation to attend Bartl’s upcoming wedding, they go, especially to see Georg.

Of course, they weren’t planning on becoming caught up in a terrifying situation. No strangers to bloodshed, even the Kusil’s are shocked when severed limbs start turning up around town. Brutalized bodies of citizens and large animal sightings ignite superstitions. Townspeople begin reporting that they’ve seen a werewolf lurking around Bamberg. Having lived through the infamous witch trials, neither one of the Kusil brothers wishes to see a repeat.

As things begin to spiral out of control, it once again falls upon Jakob to play detective. Magdalena, Simon, and Bartl will all have to lend a hand in this mess. Love may have been on their minds, but now, they need to hunt a monster.

‘Werewolf’ is currently the last volume of the series. It is very lengthy and 600 pages. They do go quickly, but it definitely could’ve been shorter without sacrificing the quality of the novel. I have fallen in love with the Kusil family. Jakob is the hero-who-shouldn’t-be-a-hero. Simon has become a much more likable character and the addition of his sons, Peter & Paul, have made him more down-to-earth. With Bartl’s introduction, we learned much more about Jakob’s youth & family history.

As for the plot, it was a definitely imaginative and fun in a creepy way. I was slightly disappointed in the ending & build-up to it. There just seemed to be a of of excitement and then, it went flat abruptly. The length was definitely too much. It could’ve cut at least a hundred pages. Details about the wedding plans & setting were just monotonous.

Regardless, I am a huge fan of the series and wouldn’t pass this up if you are, too. I give it 4 stars.




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