Made in the Shade With Beauty Box 5

June’s Beauty Box has arrived! Our theme this month is ‘Made in the Shade’. We have added perks this month, too, with 4 full-sized products. Awesome!

If BB5 is new to you, it is a monthly, delivered-to-your-mailbox, subscription service. For a $12 per month starting price, you’ll receive 5 new or new-to-you products. Try them, love them, discover them. If you purchased each product in June’s box at a store, you’d be looking at an $85.25 total. $12 sounds a lot better! Not to mention that by test driving the products this way, you won’t invest in items that’ll end up at the bottom of a drawer.
All 5 products were new to me this month. The companies themselves weren’t, but I hadn’t used these specific products.
First up, we have 2 awesome, essential beauty tools. Prestige Cosmetics provides its Brow & Lash Brush. Super affordable at $3.25 (full-sized in box), it’s double-ended. One side kills clumps from mascara while the other tames misbehaving brows.











Tool #2, also full-sized, is Sweep’s Oval Contour & Highlight Brush. Full disclosure: I have never used contour. I did give it a whirl for the sake of science- per se. Retailing at $15, for those who use contour regularly, it’s definitely a great investment. It’s handy for blending, especially.
Since they’ve provided us with a brand, new brush, BB5 also gave us Manna Kadar ‘Radiance Bronzer & Highlighter’. Arriving in its full size, which is about the size of any other pan blush, eyeshadow, etc. it’s MSRP is $24. Being that I’ve never purchased this type of cosmetic, I can’t honestly compare the pricing. I’ll leave that open-ended for your own opinions. I will say that if, like me, you’ve never used it, the brush made it pretty simple. Although it most definitely will not be a daily part of my beauty arsenal, it made a difference & had staying power.










Finishing up the Fab 5, we have 2 facial products. Versaspa’s ‘Gradual Tanning Moisturizer’ is a neat concept. Although it’s the only item not included at full size, it worked well as a moisturizer for me. As for the tanning aspect, maybe I’m too fair-skinned or maybe there wasn’t enough for a noticeable difference, I’m not sure. I didn’t see a tanning element. Its directions indicated that it was a ‘gradual’ tanning effect. Hydration was achieved, but little else. With its $35 full-sized, price tag, I’ll pass.








Last, but definitely not least, is the ‘Blue Lotus Treatment Sheet Mask’ from Purlisse. Having been with Beauty Box 5 for awhile, I’m pretty familiar with the company. The last sheet mask I used from them was good & they deliver with this one as well. Complete with antioxidants, blue lotus, & Asian botanicals, it is a valid excuse to hide in the bathroom for 20 minutes! I loved the smoothness after using it. With it’s $8 price tag, I feel it’s worth every penny.
Start your summer off with a little girly fun. Stop by to see full product info and start your own subscription. You’ll love it!
One personal note: Beauty Box 5 has tremendous customer service. When I initially received the delivery, it was one product short. I sent a quickie email to BB5 and they immediately shipped out the missing item. I got it a few days later. That’s also why my post is a bit later than usual. However, they were simply fantastic about replacing it & making sure I was happy. That goes a long, long way in my book. Nice work, BB5!

*I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.


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