Drama With the Vet

Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be so difficult to find a vet! We’ve used a great local clinic for all Buster’s shots & his very first check-up. However, I wanted to find him a full-time, more personal vet. What I definitely wasn’t prepared for, was the drama it would take to find one! Ok, let me be more specific- to find one I was willing to pay to see Buster!

I was surprised to see that not a lot of folks had rated vets on various sites. More groomers than vets had ratings. So, I started with listings close to home & went from there. Several calls resulted in me hanging up after 20 or so unanswered rings. My frustration grew a tad. Next, I reached a vet stationed in PetSmart locally.

When the young lady answered the phone, I laid out my speech about being a new patient, Busters, ya da ya da ya da. An awkward silence ensued & I was placed on hold. As the elevator music played on, I waited. Almost 5 full minutes later, she returned to tell me she was new. She didn’t have answers to any of my questions. She couldn’t even tell me the cost of the initial visit! Finally, I appealed to her to at least find this out. Tack on an additional 5 minutes of music. $79 she replied into the phone. I hung up.

It wasn’t the price. It was the fact that they hadn’t even given this poor child the basic info to answer questions. Therefore, in my brain, you either A.) Don’t value adding new patients to your business or B.) Run a very dysfunctional business. Perhaps C.) Both. Either way, we weren’t going there!

Finally, yes, finally, I called a place called ‘All About Pets’. Not far away, its website seemed professional. It appeared well staffed. Deep breathing & I dialed their number. Two rings (already a plus) lead to a pleasant, happy voice greeting me. We discussed dog breeds, neutering, vaccines, & obviously, pricing. She had answers! Good, I had questions!

Not once did she dismiss my concerns. She was attentive & though I heard a phone ringing, she never put me on hold. Hooray! I had to tell her how much I appreciated her professionalism & her kindness. I definitely appreciated the price she gave. $50 was more than reasonable, especially considering the $79 people didn’t even know what to charge!

We’re heading there shortly. Fingers crossed that he’ll be a good boy & that my intuition has served me well.


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