Buster: Home Alone






After giving Buster more independence, he seems much, much happier. Several days after removing his crate, we decided to try leaving him home by himself. Da-da-daaaaaa……

My husband and I left him for about an hour while we went to pick up our youngest from Youth Group. We expected the worst & hoped for the best. Not surprisingly, he stood at the kitchen window & stared at us like we’d completely abandoned him. However, when we returned, he wasn’t in the window any longer.

He’d been given a treat, had a full bowl of water & enough food before we left. It was only an hour after all! As we came in the front door, there was Buster, his goofy, dog smile on his face. He jumped and greeted all three of us like he always has except this time, he wasn’t nearly as anxious. After just a minute or two he went along as if nothing had been different.

There were no accidents and everything was in order. My husband was initially concerned that he’d break some things. You know, throw a toy in the air, as he so often does, and we’d come home to discover it stuck in the t.v. Fortunately, we have an amazing dog. He played nicely and did everything we wanted him to do.

Now, the next test will be when he goes boating. We purchased a life vest for him and now that summer has arrived, we’d like to get hm out on the water. It should be quite interesting!


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