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Diner Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Lisa Shea

‘An Aspie Girl in Massachusetts: Diner Shirt Story Mysteries 1’

Willow edits books for a living & eats tuna melts at a local diner. Every step of her life is calculated, down to a science. It needs to be in order for her to manage her life with Asperger’s. The friendly folks at the diner know her & accept her for being herself. Each night is a routine. But, on the night that this story takes place, things in The Boulevard Diner are different.

Four gentlemen come in to eat. While sitting at the counter, they discuss life and a recent problem. From what Willow overhears, one gentleman, the boss of the group, is perplexed by a recent internal theft. As he dishes about the details, Willow picks up on several clues. Soon, she believes she’s solved their problem.

A very quick, about 20 page, read, ‘Diner Deeds’ is a cute mystery. Squeaky clean without violence or cursing, it gives readers just enough of a brain tease to be good clean fun. I love that the author donates a portion of proceeds to battered women’s shelters.

I think she’s done a fabulous job with a novella & hope there are more tales of Willow coming soon. I give it 4 stars and believe you’ll love Willow, too.