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Giveaways 6/30: Wow, June is Over?!?

Alright, Sweeper Friends, June is a wrap! I’m trying to weed out the ones that are expiring. Sorry if I miss a few. Please leave a note & let me know when you win! Here’s to a great July!
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Giveaways 6/29

Alright, Sweeper Friends, June is almost a wrap! I’m trying to weed out the ones that are expiring. Sorry if I miss a few. Please leave a note & let me know when you win! Here’s to a great July!

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Diner Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Lisa Shea

‘An Aspie Girl in Massachusetts: Diner Shirt Story Mysteries 1’

Willow edits books for a living & eats tuna melts at a local diner. Every step of her life is calculated, down to a science. It needs to be in order for her to manage her life with Asperger’s. The friendly folks at the diner know her & accept her for being herself. Each night is a routine. But, on the night that this story takes place, things in The Boulevard Diner are different.

Four gentlemen come in to eat. While sitting at the counter, they discuss life and a recent problem. From what Willow overhears, one gentleman, the boss of the group, is perplexed by a recent internal theft. As he dishes about the details, Willow picks up on several clues. Soon, she believes she’s solved their problem.

A very quick, about 20 page, read, ‘Diner Deeds’ is a cute mystery. Squeaky clean without violence or cursing, it gives readers just enough of a brain tease to be good clean fun. I love that the author donates a portion of proceeds to battered women’s shelters.

I think she’s done a fabulous job with a novella & hope there are more tales of Willow coming soon. I give it 4 stars and believe you’ll love Willow, too.

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Two Birds with One Stone: Janet Brooks

Detective Sophia Stone has aspirations of being a high-profile police officer like her deceased father. Trying to establish herself as a mover & shaker in law enforcement, she launches her own private detective practice. A big break comes her way when the current police commissioner asks for her help in a huge case. In exchange for being deputized, she agrees to solve the case. However, she has no idea what she’s getting in to.

Commissioner Davis needs her to crack a case involving a serial bomber. Numerous businesses have been targeted & the community is in fear. After committing to the case, Sophia is visited by a new client. Wanda Wolfgart is desperate to find her daughter. Melissa left her babysitting job and never made it home. An unconventional call to Wanda claimed kidnappers had Melissa, demanding a $1 million payment for her return. Now, Sophia has two very important cases on the docket. She’ll need all her courage and intelligence to tackle these.

‘Two Birds’ is a novella. It’s very quick- about 30-45 minutes to read. The plot wasn’t bad. A female detective trying to live up to expectations works for a lead character. But, the book is flawed in a number of ways. For starters, the author consistently mixes up character names. There aren’t a lot of characters to begin with which made the issue worse. She does this to the point that readers will need to back-up to re-read passages & figure out which one she’s really referring to at the time.

When the author mentions the number of bombings and facts surrounding the bombing case, her math his way off. Then, she rushed to the ending to the point that the suspect made perfect sense, but how they catch said suspect is too simple. It made no sense.

Hopefully, in future installments, our author will have a better editor & take more time surmising the story. I have to give it 2 stars.