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The Cooper Files: Preston W. Child & Matthew King

Book #4 The Relic Hunters

D.B. Cooper hijacked a plane and simply disappeared from history. Although he hurt no one, he did escaped with around $200,000. Last accounts place him parachuting from the plane to somewhere in Tacoma, WA. No body was ever found, no motive discovered, and only a few thousand dollars was recovered. So, what became of the man known as D.B. Cooper?

Mark Lockheed has returned to Moscow after his last harrowing ordeal. New addition to the family, baby Claude, and Kathy, Mark’s wife, are happy to have him homebound. But, lack of adventure is wearing on Mark. After consulting his best friend & professor, also named Claude, he decides to join the professor at his university as an assistant. Paris will be a nice change of pace.

College student, Michelle, is just a tad obsessed over D.B. Cooper. Following her father’s passion, she took up the torch and began her own search from the elusive criminal after her father passed away. News clippings and maps pepper her dorm room walls. Once she hears that Mark can find just about anything that’s lost, she & friend, Marc, appeal to him to help them.

After much ado, the three set off on an expedition to discover what exactly happened to Cooper. Meanwhile, in Moscow, Kathy has received strange visitors. Although she has no understanding of Mark’s last misadventure, Kathy knows something is off. When adult Claude presents her with a chance to travel to India while Mark is away, she jumps on it. It’ll be the biggest misstep of her life.

Two separate mysteries await our friends. But, only one will be solved here in Book 4…………

I had huge expectations for this installment. For the most part, the book was great. The whole D.B. angle was interesting & a unique take. Honestly, my only info on him was from the Seth Green movie, ‘Without A Paddle’. Mark & his crew were well presented in their mystery. It was rational & a 4 star book.

On a more personal note, it was my intention to finish the 5 book series. I did skip book 1 due to the anti-Biblical sentiments used in it. However, each installment afterward ended with a cliffhanger. It’s as annoying as the ‘Walking Dead’ finale. Regardless, I started reading Book 5. Without spoilers, I’ll just say that it is irrational, ludicrous and disappointing. Our authors had a plethora of ways to do the angle. They chose one so cheesy, I didn’t even finish the first chapter. To me, it felt so wrong that I was no longer motivated to finish the series. Supernatural is one thing. Imaginative, creative writing is great. Pointless drivel is quite another.

As an avid reader, I found it insulting that I bought a series, not just one, but the whole thing & the authors played their plots this way. If you chose to write Spiritual sci-fi, then write it throughout so that readers know what they’re getting into. Tremendously disappointing, gentlemen.

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