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May the Beauty Be With You Featuring Beauty Box 5

IMG_0065Whether or not you’re using ‘The Force’, you want to look good. While those pesky April showers have overstayed their welcome into May, cheer up! Our May Beauty Box has arrived. Maybe Friday the 13th isn’t always bad, eh?







For May, Beauty Box 5’s theme is ‘Mer-May-d’ as in a box with a nautical theme. Included this month are 3 full-sized products.
If this is your first time hearing of BB5, it’s a monthly subscription box delivered to you via USPS. For $12 per month, you get 5 new or new-to-you products to try, love, like, or veto. Added up, the box is worth $106.99. Wow! Economically beauty without traffic or lines. Let’s take a look at May.

First, we have 2 eye products. Elizabeth Mott’s ‘You’re So Fine’ Liquid Liner in Glitterati is our first full-sized product (MSRP $18). Its base color is awesome. It’s a deep black shade. Glitter is sprinkled throughout it. I love the black shade & even the touch of glitter. I also appreciate its waterproof consistency. However, even after using a light touch to apply it, it goes on really heavy. By the end of the day, it was peeling & flecking off. This created an issue with my contacts. I’ve been having contact issues due to allergies anyway so it more or less exacerbated the issue. Elizabeth Mott has great products that I am a fan of, but this isn’t one of them.
Glamour Dolls ‘Splash Proof Mascara’ lives up to its waterproof claims. Although it isn’t the best mascara ever, it definitely works as well as other brands.  of $4.99, it’s a fine investment if you plan on doing a lot of swimming this summer. In this month’s box, it’s our second full-sized product. As a side note, I wouldn’t apply too many coats of it as it’s prone to clumping.IMG_0070






If you’re looking to sport a tan without UV rays, Mystic Tan offers you ‘Mocha-Kyssed Bronzer Lotion’. Make sure you wash your hands after applying! I’m sure most of us have made the mistake of not doing so & having super dark hands for days. It’s for full body tanning. I’m not much of a bronzer person; however, I’d definitely consider Mystic Tan’s lotion if I had an event coming up or was headed to the pool. The MSRP is $35 which seems pretty normal for quality bronzer.

IMG_0067Sun, salt water, and/or chlorine kill our hair every year. Briogeo supplies us with ‘Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-in Spray’. That’s a large title to say ‘Hair Help’ which is exactly what it is & does!

Having well water here, I have to keep my hair extra moisturized daily. If I don’t, it’ll have the consistency of a potato chip. I’ve tried many different brands & I have to say, I really like this one. The scent is fabulous and it didn’t way down my hair which is on the limp side to begin with. I like that it also protects hair from UV rays. With an MSRP of $20, I find it to be a worthy investment.

‘Luxurious Lipstick in Crush’ from Appeal Cosmetic is our fifth & final product. Also, it’s the third full-sized addition. Vibrant is the adjective they use & I can’t argue with that. It most definitely pops. I just wish they’d have sent me a different shade (red, pink, anything). I received ‘Crush’ which is coral no matter how you name it. I can’t wear coral. It makes me look deceased. But, the lipstick itself is definitely smooth and bright. But, for an MSRP of $29, I found it didn’t last. After 2 glasses of water, it was gone. That’s not good news for mermaids.

All in all, Beauty Box 5 never fails to impress with the amount & quality of products they deliver each month. By far, it’s my favorite subscription service. Each month, deliveries are timely & they will always give you a reason to smile.IMG_0068









Find out full product & ordering info on the website-

*I received the aforementioned product(s) in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.




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