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Giveaways 5/31: Adios, May!

As is customary for the end of the month, I try to weed out the ones that have ended. I’m sorry if I miss any. Hopefully, you won a thing or two this month. Looking forward to a winning June!

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Book Blitz: Murder in A-Minor: Janis Thomas

MURDER IN A-MINOR2 (1)Murder in A-Minor
By Janis Thomas
Genre: Murder Mystery

Former detective Samantha Wedlock is having a bad year. After botching a huge case with the New York PD, Sam flees to her childhood home of Southern California and escapes her demons with the Internet and booze. Her career is over, her instincts have taken a vay-cay, and her music—the songs she composes in her head to help her solve puzzles and the challenges of her life—has abandoned her. When her old flame, sexy Lieutenant Jack Hudson, shows up on her doorstep to ask for her help with the case of two murdered college coeds, Sam refuses. But she can’t resist Jack, and she can’t resist the hunt, and soon becomes enmeshed in the investigation. The more involved she becomes, the more she sees the case as a means of rediscovering the things she’s lost: her purpose, her drive, and her hope for the future. With her music playing at full volume, Sam must re-sharpen her wits and learn to trust her instincts again in order to catch a cunning killer.

Author Bio
Janis shoot 2
Janis Thomas is the author of Murder in A-Minor, the first book in her Musical Murder Mystery series (available May 2016), as well as three humorous women’s fiction novels, Something New, Sweet Nothings, and Say Never, which was chosen by Chick Lit Central as one of the best books of the year. Janis has written over fifty songs, and two children’s books which she wrote with her dad. When she isn’t writing or fulfilling her PTA duties, Janis likes to play tennis, sing with her sister, and throw wild dinner parties with outrageous menus for friends and loved ones. Janis lives in Southern California with her husband, their two beautiful children and two crazy dogs.

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Buster Goes Crate-Less


Buster has definitely gotten bigger. When he came to us almost a year ago, we were told he was 4 months. Neither the groomer nor I are so sure. He may have been older. Also, as time has gone by, it’s become increasingly obvious that Buster isn’t a Jack Russel/Chiweenie mix. We now believe he is a Jack Russell/Pit Bill mix. Our first clue being the tell-tale pink splotches & freckles.

But, besides altering my opinion of the Pit Bull in general, Buster has challenged many things I thought I knew about dogs. I believe he is a gift from God & no one can convince me otherwise. Not only has he encouraged me to be increasingly mobile, he’s been my companion & friend when I needed one most. Affectionately, I’ve dubbed him ‘Bussy’ and he readily answers to it.

So, when friends are not acting right, those closest to them need to be aware of clues- whether or not those friends are human. Two nights ago, I noticed a drastic, non-Buster mood with him. Now, to preface, this May has brought PA our unwelcome visitors- cicadas. As they’ve been hatching, Buster has decided they are like fruit snacks & can’t seem to stop eating them. When night came, I was concerned that perhaps he’d indulged in a few too many of them. A quick internet search assured us they were safe (gross, but safe) to eat.

With the enormous amounts of goodies I feed my ‘baby’, I have NO earthly idea why he’d want to eat bugs. Yes, he’s a boy, but geez! I digress. He seemed to me to be bothered. He was agitated, lethargic, & snippy. He growled at everybody in the family. Buster has never growled at me. Never. The biggest kicker was that he lifted his leg on my bed. My bed! The person who cares for him, feeds, babies, & pampers him. Yes, I was pretty indignant about it, too!

It was then I decided something major was bothering him. The very next night, Buster refused to sleep. We (he & I) were up all night. I tried countless ‘potty’ trips for him, food, water. He wanted nothing. He also refused to go into his crate. Truth be told, Bussy is a very emotional soul. He expresses himself clearly through sound & expressions on his face. He grunted and pushed off that crate like nobody’s business. There was thrashing & I can’t believe that no one heard his commotion. Finally, desperate, I took him to my room & told him we were going to sleep. That little bugger curled up under my comforter & was out.

At daybreak, I searched the internet once more, but this time I looked up emotional things for dogs. Numerous times, the same thing jumped out at me. Buster was done with the crate. On one hand, it’s good. The thing is unsightly & cumbersome. He was definitely outgrowing it. On the other hand, I worried about him disturbing everyone, tinkling, etc. Boy, did he surprise me.

When the husband got home yesterday, we took Bussy’s bed part out of the crate. I’d told my husband that if the dog fussed, I was wrong. In actuality, Buster got happier. He jumped, he was curious, he was pleased. We just looked at each, without words communicating how dumb we felt. We took his stuffed Wookie (he can’t sleep without Chewie) and put it on the bed. Buster took a look, laid down, & streched those long horse legs. Then, he jumped up & went to play.

As we began our day today, we found Buster, sound asleep on his bed. No crate. No fuss. Curled up with his Wookie in his paws. I may be no novice when it comes to human kids, but obviously, my fur baby taught me a lot. What we thought was a digestive issue (EW!), turned out to be Buster stating his independence.

Today, he’s incredibly happy, playful & the Buster I love.

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Happy Father’s Day Giveaway

This giveaway is valid on the Continental United States only. Entrants must be 18+ years

Of age to enter. There will be two winners. This giveaway will begin at 12:00 AM (EST) 5/23.

And end at 12:00 AM (EST) 6/10/15.

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A Killer Blackout: Jenna Coburn

‘Althea the Circus Sleuth Mysteries Book #1’

Yes, the circus is in town! Having grown up under the Big Top, Althea Thwaite is used to unusual folks & a lot of travelling. As the oldest of three children, Althea’s job is more administrative while her sister & brother are performers. Her magician father & retired dancer mother round out the family of entertainers. For the first book in the 3 book series, her brother, Braden, is the focus.

Usually one to have his head in the clouds, Althea has always been protective of her baby brother. Things have been progressing nicely at their current locale, that is, until two Policemen & a FBI agent arrive. When they ask for Braden, red flags go up for Althea. They’re investigating the murder of a man staying at a nearby hotel. While Braden remembers drinking with the man, he blacked out afterwards.

Circus folk stick together so Althea is determined to work alongside law enforcement to clear Braden. She’ll need all her smarts & her circus family’s support to show he’s innocent.

‘Blackout’ is certainly a unique cozy mystery. Not too many authors would’ve ventured into Circus life for their heroine. I like Althea & her family- extended to include colleagues. The plot was good and stretched just enough where the mystery had substance. There is enough character development to allow readers to form opinions on most of the important cast members.

My only complaint is the portrayal of law enforcement. Unfortunately, this is all too common. Having a FBI agent, basically hand over his work to a woman with no law enforcement background and who is a family member of the accused is completely unrealistic. If this little kink had been fixed, it would’ve been a phenomenal start to the series. But, any sense of realism is out the door when the agent is more concerned with local cuisine than with catching a cold-blooded killer.

I give it 3 stars and hopefully, the next installment with be more legally believable.