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Sweet Southern Sleuths: Episode 1: Teepees & Trailer Parks: Hope Callaghan

Twins, Loretta & Lacy Sweet, arrive in the little town of Misery to collect their inheritance. Aunt Tess has passed away & left them a little something to remember her by. Both girls think they’re getting a house. Instead, they receive a house, a trailer park, & some tepees. Of course, the tepees are part of a tourist attraction.

Unfortunately, the twins are also about two receive a few extras. First, the house comes with a stipulation. Uncle Ichabod is the stipulation. Thinking ahead, Aunt Tess added a clause that Lacy & Loretta must allow their Uncle to live out his life in the house. Neither twin had ever even heard of him. But, the bigger shock is surprise number two- a dead body in the bathtub.

Local bad boy, Delbert Rucker, is deceased & lying in the bathtub. Being new to the town, neither lady knows him let alone who might want to kill him. Uncle Ichabod senses a new purpose in life & decides he & Loretta will crack the case. Reluctant Lacy just wants to go home. Never having been close sisters, this development is just too much to handle. Can they get it together enough to solve a murder, run a trailer park, & handle their newly discovered uncle?

This is the first in the ‘Sweet Southern Sleuths Cozy Mystery Series’. I had to laugh as the only other Delbert I knew of worked at my very first job. He was, more or less, my mental picture of the deceased in our story.

Hope Callaghan has crafted a very clean cozy mystery. I was a bit surprised that her story started out as all about Mr. Rucker’s death then switching a more of a story about Loretta. She appeared to be the main character though both sisters were said to be the stars. Poor Mr. Rucker fell to the wayside. However, it’s a good cozy mystery & presented a strong start for the series. It’s 3 stars from me.


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