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Seven Cities of Gold: Preston W. Child & Matthew King

‘Relic Hunters Book #3’

Mark & Kathy, again, believe that their globe-trotting adventuring is behind them. With a new job waiting in Moscow, their lives are becoming a bit more stable. At least, that’s what it looked like.
Along with her new teaching position, Mark & Kathy are about to be thrown headfirst into an international incident. While every country & every world leader seeks wealth, some are more obsessed than others. That’s certainly the case when it comes to the Seven Cities of Gold. Explorer Francisco Coronado was said to have found it or evidence that it existed. Since that time, it has been discussed & desired by many.
One group determined to discover it is the former Soviet Union. Lenin started the quest & now a group of unscrupulous folks are a mission to fulfill the search. In their opinion, the one man with the greatest chance of discovering them is Mark. Quietly kidnapped, he’s whisked away by the FSB to do their bidding.
Simultaneously, Mark’s good friend, Claude, AKA the Professor, has also been kidnapped. Although his friends are currently unaware of his location, the FSB is holding him as collateral for Mark’s benefit. Mark may have been an unwilling participant without incentive. Unfortunately for Claude, his captors are a notorious set of twins, wanted & feared throughout the continent. Both men are merciless in their duties & loyalty to the FSB. Claude is in serious trouble. But he isn’t the only one.
Kathy is all alone in a foreign country. Mark’s other friend, Remy is being stalked by unknown rogues and all those the group comes in contact with is in danger. As yet another expedition turns sour, can the crew stay alive while either proving or laying to rest the legend of the Seven Cities of Gold?

Pluses: Again, our authors have developed a plot based on a seldom discussed archaeological ‘mystery’. There is an incredible amount of action & for the most part, it’s quite fast paced. Mark & Kathy are further developed as lead characters & the supporting cast is well-used in the action.
Cons: According to my Kindle, we were 73% through the book when the Seven Cities finally relevant. Instead, the majority of the plot revolved around the twins. Honestly, the twins’ angle was good. It should have been named after them. It could’ve still been a novel of espionage & intrigue while involving them. After leading off with Lenin’s involvement in the search for the cities, we’re then forced to spend our time on Mark & Kathy’s relationship & the twins. I would have preferred to hear more about this archaeological angle. It was disappointing.

Even though it had its momemnts, the novel is a three stars.

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