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Beauty Blooms with Beauty Box 5

IMG_0032Now, if you haven’t yet heard of Beauty Box 5, it is a monthly subscription service that delivers 5 new or new-to-you products to your door. For $12 a month, you’ll get to enjoy the best of the best in beauty. When the product totals are tallied, you’ll see how much money you save by ‘trying before buying’!
This month, our theme is ‘Flower Power’. All 5 products this month have something to do with flowers.

First up, we have Sky Blue Fragrance from Colour Me. Jasmine & freesia mix in this feminine fragrance. For me, I definitely noticed the jasmine. While I agree it’s feminine, it should be used sparingly until you decided whether or not it’s for you. It can overpower with a heavy hand. Not surprisingly, it sports an MSRP of $20.

Next, Mai Couture delivers its ‘Blush & Highlighter Papiers’. This was a new one for me! I had no experience with papiers like this whatsoever. Basically, they are pigmented sheets of papers. No brush is needed. Directly, touch up cheeks color from the papiers to face. It’s kind of neat, actually. They seem much easier to use than a cream or gel blush because there is no direct way to over apply it. They can also be used to blot up excess oil on your face. Each packet holds 2 sheets which are talc & paraben free. If you have difficulty with blushes or haven’t ever used it, these may be an excellent option for you. Coming in a variety of shades, it has an MSRP of $15.
IMG_0033Pur-Lisse offers us it’s 4-in-1 ‘Eye Adore Serum’. Said to aid in reducing puffiness, wrinkles & dark circles, it retails for $65. In my case, I saw little difference. Perhaps, in all fairness, I didn’t have a great deal of time to form a complete opinion. Personally, it failed to impress. Along with a hefty (to me) price tag, I’ll be skipping this one.
Glamour Dolls is a company we subscribers have seen before. Known for bringing consumers bold & bright colors, they debut their Spring Makeup collection. As an added bonus, they’ve sent us a full-sized product for March instead of a sample size. That’s very generous! I always enjoy their flair for the bright & beautiful; however, I was taken aback with the bold, green eyeliner in my box. The liner is intense with glitter & if you’re feeling particularly ‘spring-y’, go for it & rock that green! Even with the dark brown eyes I have, the green was a little much. Thankfully, they offer a variety of shades & with an MSRP of $3.99, it’s priced for fun. Bottom line: I like their products & their company.
Personail adds flower power to your pretty fingers with their ‘Custom Floral Nail Polish Wraps’. Full disclosure: I have very short nails & couldn’t possibly use these. But, they’re really cute. The package directions are simple enough & the colors are bright & fun. These would be good for a Girls’ Night In or spa treatment at home. With an MSRP of $12.99, they crush salon prices for very similar looks.
Finally, we receive a bonus, 6th item this month. BB5 has already spoiled us with 3 full-sized products this month & they, personally, provide a 6th. For a little fun, BB5 offers a Custom Temporary Tattoo. For an MSRP of $2, have all the tattoo fun with no pain. Why not? You only live once, right!

For full info on the products as well as ordering info, visit Ordering Beauty Box 5 is definitely a gift to yourself. Make it a beautiful spring!
*I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.
March’s Beauty Box was beyond late. It’s not the company’s fault. I have to place the blame on USPS. Usually, the box is received & discussed before the 20th. Unfortunately, this month, it wasn’t the case. I sincerely apologize for the lateness of the post.

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