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Plackers Offers a Sweet New Take on Flossing

20160322_173036Few things cause parents to roll their eyes more than discussing dental health with their kids. We know all the tricks. From running their toothbrushes under the water to rinsing a swirl of mouthwash around, my boys have tried (& failed) to get out of brushing. Why is tooth care such a battle? I believe, in part, it’s due to the mundane nature of it. Kids simply think there are better things to be doing (like video games-yeah!) then to be standing at the sink.
But, recent studies have reinforced the importance of dental health to our overall well-being. As someone who didn’t take this seriously, I’ve been plagued by dental issues. All 3 of my boys have heard me reiterate countless times that I don’t want them to repeat my mistakes. Consistent, daily care at-home will prevent an adult hood filled with Novocaine & drills. Despite our best efforts, one area that I hear other parents complain about is flossing.
20160322_173624 20160322_173405Little hands can’t grip traditional floss properly. Many times, flossing is simply forgotten. Unlike toothbrushes which often sit in a decorative holder, floss is usually lost somewhere on the sink, in a drawer, or cabinet. Kids need a bright, shiny reminder- a neon sign of sorts-to say ‘Hey, don’t forget to floss!’. How do we get kids to do things they would normally skip? Make it fun!
Plackers gets it! To get kids excited about brushing & flossing, they offer their new flossers for kids.
Fruit Smoothie flavored flossers are presented to kids in this adorable Flosser Friend. Our monkey-shaped buddy sits stably on the sink or countertop. A flip-up lid over his large, smiling mouth keeps the flossers in & sanitary. I love that the lid insures a clean flosser for each use. Head & body easily separate for quick cleaning & filling. On a side note, have elementary age children ‘feed’ the monkey the flossers via his mouth for a fun, counting game.
20160322_17333720160322_173358Each Flosser Friend comes with a gift of 30 flossers to get you started. Although he isn’t a toy per se, no one said dental health shouldn’t be enjoyable!
Now, for the flossers themselves. What I love, love, love are the dual grips. As a mom with a disability, gripping floss can be a challenge. It may sound simple to most, but during my ‘shaky’ days, it can be difficult. For other parents who may have similar issues, the dual grips provide a safe & easy way to assist in flossing. With an angled head, you (&the kids) won’t miss even the furthest, back teeth. ‘Hi-Tech Floss’ featuring fluoride, covers more tooth surface. These may be marketed for youth, but I’ll admit, they were very helpful to me. I never lost my grip. You can watch a video of them here.20160322_173303
No more mint or cinnamon only flavor options, either. Fruit Smoothie Swirl is the way to go. I noticed the banana taste is especially prevalent & pleasant. My sons never liked the previous floss flavor options and definitely preferred the fruit taste! This is definitely a product I’d have heavily invested in when they were growing up. Being that they are available in packs of 30 & 75, you can be sure they’ll last. No more guesswork of how much floss to wrap around your fingers or wasted floss from frayed pieces. These flossers didn’t fray one bit when we tried them. That’s impressive.
During a season of family dinners & too much chocolate, add a Flosser Friend to their Easter present stash. Because the monkey adds an element of fun, you won’t be a part pooper by suggesting they go brush. They will want to! I highly recommend Plackers Flossers & Flosser Friend.

You can find out full product info including ordering info at the following Medias:
*We received the aforementioned product(s) in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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