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Operation Nexus One: Preston W. Child & Matthew King

‘The Relic Hunters-Book 2′

On the island of Saint Kitts, divers’ disappearances are causing quite a stir. Many native islanders have theories. So does their government. But, when a child disappears, the situation takes on a life of it’s own. Something very disturbing is happening off the island’s coast.

Far from Saint Kitts, is Mark Lockhead. An archaeologist working on projects for the government, he usually operates on a mundane field. But, when an old friend begs him to help, he can’t say no. Upon hearing of the disappearances, Claude, known as the Professor, knows he must return to Saint Kitts. Begging Mark & Mark’s girlfriend, Kathy to accompany him, he tells them little of his reasoning. All he’ll offer is that he witnessed something as a young boy visiting the island which may hold the key to the disappearances.

I intentionally skipped Book 1 in the series due to it’s subject matter. I enjoy a good Holy Grail chase, but couldn’t plow through the unbiblical view the author created. Regardless, I jumped to Book 2.

I was intrigued by the plot. This particular Greek Myth isn’t often explored anymore. It had all the makings of an incredible adventure. In some aspects, it succeeded. The story surrounding Saint Kitts was well done. I wish the author had tunnel vision to stick with only that plot line. There was way too much information about the characters & their backgrounds. Too much time was wasted on scenes having nothing to do with the Saint Kitts plot.

It almost felt like the author kept changing his mind on the book’s direction, deleting, & trying again. I was drastically disappointed in the ending as well. I won’t go into it as it will spoil the book. Although it is the second in a series, I found it to be able to stand alone. There is a back story, developing from the first book, but readers should have no problem following along.

I am going to continue a bit with the series & hope it will improve. Fingers crossed that not every ending is a cliffhanger of sorts. I give it 3 stars.

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