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The Protocol: J. Robert Kennedy

‘A James Acton Thriller Book #1’
Conspiracy theory fans, get ready. ‘The Protocol’ will provide you with an entire new theory to consider.
Archaeology Professor James Acton makes the find of a lifetime in South America. Unfortunately, it’s a relic that’s desperately wanted by good & bad forces on almost every continent. To a regular pursuer of artifacts, it appears to be a beautifully crafted, yet innocent crystal skull. Those who know its full potential realize that it has the capabilities to topple governments & decimate the world as we know it. Whether or not it has physical powers remains to be seen. What is factual is that there are some very power people who will destroy anyone & anything in their way.
Acton goes from mild-mannered professor to the most wanted man in the world virtually overnight. Without knowing why the skull is in such high demand, he flees to the only person who can explain its worth’ Professor Laura Palmer in England. She’s made a career out of studying the history of these skulls. Several have been found over the years- some fake & some legit. Why this one is so important, no one is sure.
But, they need to find out fast- not only to discover the truth, but to stay alive.
Besides the US government, Scotland Yard, Special OPs soldiers, and a cryptic, millennia old sect are all trying to find Acton & his discovery. Can the Professors figure it all out & live to tell about it?

Pluses: I love archaeological mysteries. This one has a little something for all genres. Historical fiction fans will enjoy the background story of the skulls & the organizations surrounding them. Romance fans will enjoy the back & forth with the professors. Action/thriller readers will be pleased with the fast pace & explosive battles. The behind the scenes power brokers using people as pawns for their agendas isn’t a new subject in and of itself, but the relics used are a fresh take. This was definitely enjoyable.

Now for the cons. There are obviously areas of theology where the author & I disagree. He makes a few mentions of Christianity that are far from Bible-based. There’s also no shortage of violence & coarse language. There are definitely sections of the book that are lengthy without needing to be. Background is one thing. Repetition is a different thing altogether. Some points in the plot could have been easily consolidated to make the scene switches more streamlined.

That said, I would read more of the series & intend to at some point. I give this work 4 stars.

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