Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Who influenced you?
Whether you attended a brick-and-mortar school or learned at home, someone taught you. As a society, we tend to lump teachers into a group of people who work in the field of education. In reality, teachers are everywhere. Some of my most influential teachers were the ones who spent an hour with me every Sunday morning. Through their Sunday School lessons, I grew in faith & love. For you, it may be a basketball coach or mom & dad. Wherever & however you were taught, they made an impact on who you are today.

How do you thank someone for such a contribution?
Finding the best way to thank someone can be difficult. In today’s busy world, gifts that are heartfelt yet practical are best. Teacher Peach offers an array of gifts that have both the meaning & practicality that you’re looking for in a gift of gratitude.20160310_200023We’ll focus on two examples here.
20160310_195742‘The Modern Color-4-Piece Desk Set’ provides 4 much needed items. Whether grading papers or hanging artwork, a stapler is always an elusive item when you need it. With its bright blue color, it easily stands out among standard, metallic models.
20160310_195827I appreciate the deep cup pen/pencil holder. The depth makes it less likely to topple when you grab a pen hastily. As for the supplies holder, I can never find a paperclip or rubber band when I need them. Having them together encourages me to be more organized.
20160310_195906No one likes the plain, plastic tape that stores sell. Having your tape handy in this bright, green dispenser not only keeps it from balling up when little hands need tape, but adds a pretty touch to your desk area.
Despite what you my have heard, you can NEVER have too many tote bags! Personally, I have one for every task. Let special teachers proudly display their profession on an item they’ll use everyday with the ‘Yes. I Teach.’ Jumbo Rainbow Black Tote 20160310_195559The simple, but profound message displayed, in multi-color against the all black bag reminds them how much they do each day. A deep, main pocket plus side & front, zip allows plenty of room for just about anything from Bibles to binders and even a purse or lunch bag if you’re in a hurry! I love the sturdy construction paired with it’s go-with-any-outfit color scheme.

Teacher Peach has an item for any educator. Aside from these, they offer items for classroom use and even subscription boxes which are highly popular these days. With Teacher Appreciation Week coming soon, May 2nd-6th, take note of those in your children’s lives who make a difference. Pay attention to those who quietly encourage from the background as well as those visible on the front lines. As for homeschooling families, why not honor your spouse’s efforts or perhaps a grandparent who offers their own unique perspectives on certain classes? They are teachers, too.

To those who teach, in any capacity, thank you for all you do.

Please visit Teacher Peach at the following Medias:

*I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.


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