Chelsey: Day 2

Sunday March 6th:
20160307_150800After Chelsey’s first, mostly sleepless night, I stayed at home with Buster while our youngest & my husband drove her to the Vet Clinic. Usually, these clinics are open for only two hours & I’ll admit that I was concerned when they were gone until long after the clinic closed. I had nothing to worry about!
When they arrived home, both my guys were smiling. Chelsey was wrapped in a blanket (my overprotective nature though the wind was chilly) and happily purring. With both his arms loaded with bags, my husband began detailing the day’s adventure.
When they arrived at Petco, there were very few people waiting ahead of them. That’s rare. When we took Buster, both times, it was crowded. A lovely female vet looked her over thoroughly. Miss Chelsey is 8 weeks old. Although her diet consisted of stinkbugs for at least several days, possibly a week, she weighed in at 2.2 pounds. Fur growth was sporadic with some thick spots & some quite thin. Rib bones were visible as well. Eyes & ears are both clean & healthy which is truly a miracle.
Chelsey got all the shots for her age & the vet gave my husband some sound nutritional advice for her. Our Buster has eaten 4Health since we got him & we were delighted that they make a comparable cat food. She didn’t seem interested in wet food. I have no idea if that’s personal preference, bad memories, or taste. But, the vet gave solid advice about how much dry food to give. Along with the shots & information, the vet provided him with pamphlets & wellness materials to help us out.
Grateful, he thanked her for all her help & decided that they’d run over to Tractor Supply to get the 4Health food and anything else they wanted for her. My son had tucked her into his hoodie as the wind outside had picked up. As the entered the store, Chelsey popped her head out of the hoodie. Nearby customers gushed over her, asking to pet her and showering her with attention. She ate that up with a spoon!
Content & purring, Chelsey seems to be the cat minority who really likes driving and doesn’t mind crowds! If nothing else, I hope she felt loved & appreciated during her moment of fame.
Back at home, we let Chelsey reset as we discussed food measurements & keeping Buster from ‘sharing’. Testing the waters with just a few nuggets of food, she heard it rattle in the dish & dashed to the kitchen. Before we could comment, she’d gobbled it down. A few more nuggets were gone in a heartbeat. Buster was feeling hungry or perhaps a tad jealous, so we gave him his own dish of his own food. Happily dining, he’d glance at Chelsey once in a while. In what I consider a beautiful moment, she looked up at me and meowed. Now, surely it was a tiny one, but to her, it was a tiger’s growl. Dipping her head, she made it clear that she was still hungry.
We were afraid to overfeed her, but God only knows when she’d really eaten last. About a handful of food later, she was full. It was a beautiful thing. Not too long after, she meowed again, this time at the door where her litter box is kept. She marched right in & used the litter box with zero discomfort! All poison, for lack of a better word, from the stink bugs was gone. Real food in her system made her one sleepy girl. She slept for about 10 straight hours.
I was worried, again needlessly. My husband reminded me that she hadn’t slept the first night here really & we aren’t sure how long she was outdoors in the arctic weather we’d had. This might have been the first quailty sleep she’d gotten in a long time. As an insomniac, I can relate!
When my menfolk had gone to sleep later that night, Chelsey was still counting sheep. My sleepless self was awake reading in my room. Around 4 AM, I had a teeny little visitor meowing at my feet. In true ninja fashion, she’d snuck right in. Climbing into bed with me, she curled up on the adjacent pillow, happily purring as she drifted off to sleep again. That is where she stayed until the alarm went off.
Stay tuned for more Chelsey updates!!!


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