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Killing Me Softly: Bianca Sloane

Married just six months, Tracy Ellis has an enviable life. A doting husband, loving family, & successful career are among her accomplishments. When she disappears only to be discovered dead, her face having been bashed in by a rock. Tracy’s sister, Sondra, can’t let go. All signs point to a random act of violence. It doesn’t make sense, but everyone else has accepted it as truth.

Sondra, a documentary filmmaker, starts looking at a box of memories from Tracy’s past. Realizing that her sister deserves complete justice, Sondra begins uncovering unknown details about Tracy’s new, married life. Things aren’t adding up & Sondra believes wholeheartedly that the investigation was mishandled.

She’s on a dangerous path, but her unwavering devotion to her sister keeps her going. Was Tracy just a randomly chosen victim? Or did someone take her life purposely? Sondra won’t stop until the truth is out.

Bianca Sloane has crafted quite a tale. Alert readers may very well figure things out or think they have by the middle of the novel. There are definitely some steep twists & turns. Certain parts I did not see coming.

Sondra is the sister that anyone would want. She is relentless & a strong heroine. The majority of the women depicted are strong, independent, & family oriented. They’re not characters with a stereotypical ‘victim’ mentality. Although I could have done without a good chunk of the violence mentioned, graphically, I understand that our author wanted to get her point across about how intense certain situations really were.

Despite the intense subject matter, it was the type of book I looked forward to reading when I was able. It most definitely will hook readers until the end. I give it four stars.
*Previously published as ‘Live & Let Die’. **Sensitive readers: Contains both sex & violence.

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