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Chelsey: Day 1

20160305_112740 (2)
Saturday, March 5th started out as a normal day. As usual, my husband had gone to Sam’s Club for his weekly trip to pick up ‘the fun things Mom doesn’t buy’. He arrived back home after getting us breakfast, too. Everything went along as we unloaded the groceries, put them away & began to eat. But, my husband heard a small noise & went to the porch to look.
There stood a small, black kitten pawing at the door. So small, in fact, we hadn’t seen her during all the trips to the truck & back. But, there she was. Scooping her into his hand, which she barely filled, he called for me to come & look. Acting as if she’d known us for years, she hopped out of his lowered hand, brushed against my leg, & went straight for the dog’s water. Lapping like she’d not had a drink ever, we stood there astonished.
Buster, our terrier mix, is a big boy & I was certain he’d scare her right back to the porch. Instead, he surprised us as usual. Belly crawling, he went over to his water dish & began drinking alongside her. She lifter her head just once & continued.
After she’d had her fill, she moved to the food dish with Buster’s encouragement. I know, cats shouldn’t be eating dog food. But, we weren’t prepared & had no ‘cat-friendly’ food immediately available. She ate just a few pieces of his food & it occurred to us that Buster does favor the dry food that contains salmon.
Little Miss proceeded to check out the house, walking room to room before deciding to perch herself on our youngest son’s arm. Immediately, she was asleep. We took this opportunity to check her ears & do a quick tick check. Nothing appeared abnormal. A quick family meeting resulted in me driving to our nearest Dollar General. Purchasing a litter pan and other kitty essentials, I arrived back to find her cradled in my son’s arms still.
My husband, who has had many cats through the years, set up an area for her. We placed her in the litter box & were shocked when she immediately used it. She then drank more water but didn’t seem to want to eat. I took to Facebook to contact several phenomenal ladies who I knew would help. Their advice was a God send. Meanwhile, my husband dubbed her, Chelsey. It is in honor of his favorite cat, also all black, named Chester. So, Miss Chelsey ran back to the litter box a second time.
This is when we knew without a doubt she needed our help. Her bowel movement was completely stink bugs. Nothing but stinkbugs. This little darling had been surviving by eating a bug everyone hates. It didn’t get its name for nothing, after all! I had no idea what to do. I prayed, of course, that we’d do the right things. She needed help. As God often does, he pointed me in the right direction, by consulting the PetCo website. Wouldn’t you know, there was a Vet clinic the next day!
After the day had flown by in a blur of Buster being too loving with her, her exploring, & trying to figure out what to do, before we knew it, it was bedtime. Initially, she fell asleep on bed of our youngest. However, after everyone else was asleep, I heard her crying. Her stomach must have been killing her. She spent a lot of time in the litter box that night. On the bright side, by morning, there was no more evidence of stink bugs in her system.
Despite being exhausted, I thanked God that she was looking better. In fact, by first light, she was purring! She was able to eat a bit of ‘real’ food & sleep a few hours before the vet’s. I’ll detail that in Part 2. To be continued…………

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