You Can Run: Willow Rose

‘7th Street Crew Book #2’

As is customary for Willow Rose, multiple story lines run & then collide in ‘You Can Run’. Readers left Mary assessing her life in Cocoa Beach, Florida after her brother’s murderous run. Now, Mary must face the fact that her childhood friend, Marcia, is not just the party girl from their youth. Alcohol has become a boyfriend that Marcia cannot break up with. Her drunken blackouts & mood swings have now put her kids in danger. If that wasn’t enough, she secretly brought in a renter to earn some money.

Harry Hanson is new to town & a complete mystery. Mary feels out of the loop, but, then again, she missed all the signs of Marcia’s downward spiral, too. Who is Harry Hanson & why is he in Cocoa Beach? Mary knows that there’s more to his story than simply needing shelter. As she worries after Marcia, she must also try her best to keep her brother as headline news while he & his lover are on the run.

In between Marcia’s ordeal, we jump into the story of Daniel & his younger brother, Peter. Having spent his 25 years in a wheelchair due to cerebral Palsy, Peter has never spoken a word. Believing his brother deserves a better life, Daniel takes him a Kristen, a noted psychologist who’s made great advances in working with the disabled. The family is floored when Peter begins showing improvement. But, it soon becomes an issue when Peter’s mother believes Kristen has impure motives. What’s really going on in the therapy sessions?

Finally, we weave back & forth between a cold case involving the murder of a family. Reading like something from recent headlines, the family is murdered, their home set on fire, and the murdered even ordered pizza during the assault. Years have passed, so what is the connection between Marcia, Peter, & this family?

Tackling mental illness, Cerebral Palsy, & alcoholism all in one thriller is an incredible task. Willow Rose does it all without blinking. There are so many twists & turns in this one that it’s a wonder our author kept them straight. Peter’s story will have you scratching your head. Even worse is that this piece was actually based on true events!

Mary goes above & beyond friendship to help Marcia. As a strong heroine who keeps getting stronger, she makes these novels work. I like her as much as Emma Frost & Rebekka Frank from Rose’s other series. She works, mostly, within the confines of the law, but leads with her heart. As for villains, ‘You Can Run’ is packed to the brim with them. There are many people to dislike for various reasons & many people to be incorrectly assumed to be criminals. Bottom line: Willow Rose continues to write fabulous novels that entertain us, freak us out, & make us think. It’s a five-star novel.


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