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Menace in Christmas River: Meg Muldoon

‘Book #8 in the Christmas River’ Series

Cinnamon & her Christmas River friends are finally back in Book #8. While still enjoying her success as a pie shop owner, Cinnamon has decided to exit her comfort zone by entering a competition based on chocolate. Although she’s done other baking contests, the Chocolate Championship Showdown is unchartered territory for her. As she tries to craft hearts & cherubs out of chocolate, she’s approached by show organizers. Apparently, another local baker has had to bow out of judging. Now, the Showdown committee wants Cinnamon to skip entering & agree to judge.

Normally, she may have been a bit more excited, but considering Celebrity Chef, Cliff Copperstone is the star of the Chocolate Competition. Upon meeting him, it’s clear that his television persona is much different from his true personality. Abrasive & rude, Cliff won’t be easy to deal with. However, the town is behind her & she agrees.

Cliff isn’t making many friends in the small town of Christmas River and his diva attitude has made many enemies for him throughout his life. Still, the whole town is shocked when he’s brutally assaulted during the competition. To make matters worse, all the contestants & attendees are snowed in with the unknown assailant when an unexpected blizzard slams the community. Her sheriff husband needs to tend to the injured judge so it’s up to Cinnamon & her best friend, Kara, to maintain order & find the culprit.

I was thrilled to see Meg Muldoon continue her series. This installment is a definite new spin to the ongoing saga of Christmas River. As we meet more members of the town & get to know our heroine better, readers will fall more in love with Cinnamon & her town. Kara takes on a much bigger role & it’s pretty evident that she’s a great Watson-type helper. From the storyline to the new characters, Meg Muldoon continues to impress with her Cozy Mystery series. I will definitely be anticipating Book 9. Book 8 is a 5 stars from me.


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