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Happy Birthday, Beauty Box 5!

20160213_114609February is more than Cupid shooting arrows & rodent shadows. Beauty Box 5 celebrates its birthday in February & this year, they’re 4! For humans, it’s a great age filled with discovery so it’s ony fitting that we discover some new-to-us products in this month’s beauty box. Being that you may very well be snowed or iced in due to the recent storms, the box’s arrival is right on time!
Unlike traditional birthdays, the gifts are all for us! Awesome- plus we’re not adding a year onto our own ages. Extra icing on our cake: 4 full-sized products are included this month!
First up, we have Manna Kadar Beauty’s 3 in 1- Shadow, Highlight, Blush in Fantasy. It comes to us in its full-size form. As a shadow, on fair skin, it looks like a shade of pink. BB5 agrees, referring to it as a rose shade. Paired with a darker shadow on the lid & using it to highlight, it plays well. As a blush, it will probably have to be layered. I could barely see it. True, I am fairer than fair as far as skin tone. Still, it was barely visible. Use it sparingly as a highlight though or it looks to blunt even with its shimmery, glittery pigment. With an MSRP of $19, I enjoyed trying it, but wouldn’t make the leap of adding it to a permanent make-up bag addition.
Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Primer is the only one of the five that isn’t full size. Just recently, I made primer a full-time use product for myself so I was excited to see this one. Yes, it did go on smooth & made the shadow pop a bit more. I didn’t see a huge difference in the prevention of creasing. But, it did its job. The only drawback is that it’s MSR is $20 & I get the same result with a product for a fraction of the price. Still, it works.
20160213_115802From eyes, we move to lip care. Premium Lip Balm from Epic Blend is next. Now, this one may be iffy to some. It does contain hemp. Regardless of your feelings towards that, we have used this product before & my husband swears it beats any lip balm he’s ever used. Because he’s outside for a good portion of his day, I trust this judgement. It makes him happy & for $3.49, it’s worth it. BB5 includes it in its full-size form as well.
Starlooks Custom Lip Liner in Sultry Sangria is collaborative effort between Starlooks & BB5 in honor of their birthday. For full lip filling or lining alone, the color is a pleasant pink that matches most daytime shades. On me, it lasted from morning til lumch than needed reapplied. The color was fine. It goes on smooth and doesn’t tug at your lips (I problem I’ve encountered numerous times). However, it’s MSRP of $16 makes it a pass for me. If it’s in your busget, go for it.
Finally, we have Hemp Nation’s Kiwi-Mango Body Wash. Yes, it is the second product in the box that is hemp-related. The best way to describe the scent is that it reminds me of a pineapple Life Saver Candy. It’ll make you yearn for warmer temps. It’s cleaning power is comparable to most body washes with its scent being its biggest assest. Also a full-sized product, it has an MSRP of $7.99.

All combined, the full-sized products alone total: $46.48. Beauty Box 5 is a subscription service that delivers 5 new or new-to-you products for $12 a month. If you went to the store yourself, you’d spend $34.48 more than that to purchase these items individually. Not to mention the hours it takes to bundle up for this weather & such. Stay warm inside & allow the USPS to deliver the products directly to your mailbox.
This month we celebrate our favorite subscription service & thank them for the 4 years of great products, great value, & great service. Happy Birthday!!!

I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine. For full product & ordering information, visit


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