The Sculling Boat: Richard Behrens

A Lizzie Borden Girl Detective Mini Mystery #5

While Book #4 gave a glimpse at Lizzie-future, this installment takes us to Lizzie-past. Little Lizzie is playing with her toy when he Grandfather makes an unexpected appearance. A brief chat leads her to tell him all about solving ‘The Mystery of the Sculling Boat’ for her sister, Emma.

As is customary for the series, this installment is very brief. Unlike the others, though, it felt a bit out-of-place. Due to her notoriety, it’s understandable to see what Lizzie’s future was like. I’m not quite sure what the motivation was to visit, what would be, a kindergarten aged Lizzie. I will say that it does show her aptitude for solving quirky mysteries from a very young age.

This series has grown on me & I’ve enjoyed them all- some more than others. I’m curious to see if Richard Behrens will broach the topic of her parents’ deaths. Regardless, as long as he continues to pen them, I will continue to read them. There’s just something about Lizzie as a heroine that I enjoy. This installment earns 3 stars & I’m hopeful the 6th book will be better.


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