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Blackwater Lake: Maggie James

Matthew Stanyer knows something isn’t right when he discovers his parents are missing. Knowing his mom suffers from dementia & his father is exhausted, the need to find them becomes urgent. Local police are very helpful, but the worst is confirmed when their bodies are discovered. Although it’s ruled a murder-suicide, Matthew struggles to wrap his head around it all.

His childhood is filled with unpleasant memories and as he begins emptying the house, he dreads the assignment. Evie, his mom, was also a compulsive hoarder for most of her adult life. In the midst of years of belongings, Matthew discovers much more about the people he called Mom & Dad. It’s soon obvious that he knew very little about them. More details are unearthed, leading Matthew to believe there’s much more to the murder-suicide than they’d all believed.

Maggie James’ novella packs quite a thriller into less than a hundred pages. Her characters are well crafted & her plot is on point. Matthew reacts much the same way anyone would to the death of both parents. However, he keeps a clear head in order to figure out the bigger picture. Although it isn’t a light read, it can easily be completed in a sitting.

It was most definitely worth the time. I give it a full 5 stars & hope to see more from Maggie James.

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