Love A Child 1/16

Everyday viewers are bombarded with messages. From animal rights organizations to public figures, everywhere you turn, someone is asking you for donations. Over the years, my family has been very strategic in our giving. As God has blessed us more, we’ve been able to be more generous in our giving. In order to remain good stewards of God’s blessings, it’s important to us that we give to the causes & organizations that He’d want us to bless.

For us, ‘Love a Child’ came to our attention via TBN. My husband, a man of steel with a heart of gold, was moved on a deeply emotional level while watching their half hour informational show. One would be hard-pressed to view the images of malnourished children & not be moved. Christian or not, we all often ask God why He doesn’t do something about their suffering. As the Matthew West song reminds us, God created us. We’re to be the ‘Hands & Feet’ of Christ in the world.

As we watched, the missionary couple behind Love a Child, Bob & Sherry Burnette, cared in a hands-on fashion for these beautiful Haitian children.  Often, folks in these info blurbs on television are speaking to us via their offices or are celebs on behalf of the cause. Instead, here we have a couple who have dedicated their lives to serving others.

At the heart of their giving, they show Jesus’ love to the Haitian people. We receive regular updates on the work that the Burnettes  & their dedicated crew are accomplishing. Recently, Sherry especially, has been emotionally strained at learning of throngs of children having to scrounge in Haitian dumps. Love a Child is now moving to assist & rescue these kids. Also, the Burnettes are supporting 6 children who are bettering themselves by attending college. With huge restrictions placed on food entering Haiti, although they received donated food, there’s a cost of $10K placed on the containers containing this food. That’s a huge load to carry!

Serving others is never easy. If it was, it wouldn’t very well be a sacrifice, would it? But, Bob especially, has endured dramatic health challenges. Being run over by a Brush Hog, break his back in 3 places, and several other injuries have sidelined him. But nor for long, Jesus’ healing power has restored Bob countless times as he continues his mission. These types of examples are what encouraged us to get involved with Love a Child. The Burnette’s unwavering faith & dedication have made an enormous difference in the lives of th Haitian people.

What started out as a one time gift to them has blossomed into us sponsoring 2 Haitian children, a boy & a girl. We receive our updates on their welfare & are continually blessed to know that they are receiving a Christian education, being fed, & receiving quality medical care. Unlike other organizations, the Burnette’s have an immaculate record in regards to where the donations go. We’re continuously astounded at how little their administrative costs are & how much goes directly to the ministry.

Whether or not you are financially able to give, we can all do something. Prayer is free. We can offer them prayer- prayer for safety, being sustained in health & safety, & to reach as many souls as possible. I encourage you to prayerfully consider giving. Seek God’s direction in where to donate. But, visit the Love a Child site: & pray about it. If nothing else, you’ll be blessed by the stories & pictures on the site. As their motto says, Love is something you do. Let’s make 2016 a year of doing something.

*I am in no way compensated or attached administratively to Love a Child. They’re simply on my heart.



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