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The Radix: Brett King

A John Brystone Thriller

If you knew a miracle relic with healing capabilities exited, how far would you go to get it? For centuries, warring factions have silently fought one another in search of the elusive Radix. Legend claims the Radix has healing abilities. Everyone from the infamous Borgia family to Governments, foreign & domestic, want it. Many have killed & will kill to get it. Others want nothing more than to keep evil intent away from it.

Dr. John Brynstone works for a covert agency within the US Government. He’s been asked to secure the Radix. John’s rivals include the Borgia descendents who believe they are the Radix’s rightful owners. Members of the US Government are working both sides as they want it for monetary gain. Not to be forgotten, a pharmaceutical giant believes the Radix could revolutionize their business. Add in assassins, mental patients, & religious zealots and the playing field grows ever larger.

One thing is certain: the Radix can be a beautiful miracle in the hands of good men, but in the wrong hands, it could be catastrophic. The race is on.

Although ‘The Radix’ is a work of fiction, there is an incredible amount of factual history mixed in. Thankfully, Brett King includes a note at the book’s end to explain which is which.

John is a true hero, a man’s man. His dedication to his family is intense- to a fault. The string of additional heroes & villains is lengthy. Every major religion & myth is discussed to some extent. Brett King is respectful to each. There isn’t any complaint there. Even the characters themselves have a P.C. dialogue regarding each. The plot was definitely a unique take on relic hunting.

There is quite a bit of violence including techniques involved in torture. My only complaint with the novel as a whole is the amount of unnecessary info added. Some of the historical background was just too much to the point where I skimmed it. It had no bearing on the outcome. I will agree with popular opinion that it is action-packed; however, the space used for useless facts would’ve been better as additional action scenes.

Regardless, it is a good book. I’m looking forward to the sequel. I give it 4 stars.


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