2015 Reflections

Good bye 2015. Hello 2016. I have to laugh because as kids, the 2000s seemed so far away. We dreamed it would have flying cars & such. Not yet, but then again, we do have drones…. Regardless, it’s time to look back & then focus forward.

As 2014 closed, I’d received my disability approval. Now, I have been on it for a full year. Although it isn’t close to my monthly take home when I worked, it’s been a huge blessing to the family.

Speaking of which, this summer brought us a new family member. Buster, our terrier mix, joined us. He has been such a huge part of this year. Everyday, he brings a lot of laughter & more love than I thought possible. Our youngest was so afraid of him initially. Much of that came from inexperience with dogs in general. But, Buster has become such a part of our lives that we scarcely remember not having him.

Our family dynamic changed again when our middle son, age 18, spread his wings & flew the nest. It’s been an enormous change. But, he felt he was ready so I couldn’t hold him back. It certainly hasn’t been easy for him or us, but he is determined.

We completed 6th grade, homeschooling, & started 7th. Halfway through another school year & I still maintain it was the right choice. We have plenty of ups & downs, but it’s so worth it.

Christmas Day marked 4 years since Dad went Home to be with the Lord. I still think of him everyday & occasionally have to stop myself from calling him. He would have loved Buster. But, I know he’s free from the disease & pain that devastated his body.

Thanks to God’s amazing grace & provision, we’ve achieved a number of repairs, long overdue, on our home. For the first time in almost 2 decades, our well is working. We won’t have to fret over winter weather preventing us from getting a water delivery. We worked alongside our nearest neighbor to fix our road (not maintained by township). Travel has been so much easier.

In many ways, I feel the biggest change this year has been in me. God is definitely refining me. I feel a maturity growing that I hadn’t had before. I’m relying more & more on Him & less on me. The result is a peace & contentment that’s new to me. I pray it continues into the New Year.

Here’s to a great 2016!




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