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The Agitated Elocutionist: Richard Behrens

A Lizzie Borden Girl Detective Mini-Mystery #1

Perhaps you’ve heard of Lizzie Borden. Most readers will recognize the name based off the limerick sung about her murder trial. However, before that unfortunate business, she worked as a PI.

In the ‘Elocutionist’, Lizzie is hired on by Mrs. Arbuthnot. During the early fall of 1876, Lizzie & her cousin, Sara, meet with Mrs. Arbuthnot, a celebrated elocutionist. It seems that Mrs. A is missing a very expensive jewel. While giving vocal lessons, her pride & joy, The Star of Swansea, has vanished. She’s quite certain that the gentleman receiving help with stuttering that evening has taken it. To add further insult, Mrs. A’s drink was drugged & valet was finished for the night when her home was burglarized.

While the police have been notified & investigated, they haven’t uncovered the missing piece. Beside herself, Mrs. Arbuthnot has followed a referral & asked Lizzie to find it for her.

Clever girl that she is, Lizzie agrees to help & she and Sara begin another adventure.

Richard Behrens has done a wonderful job of turning Lizzie into a Nancy Drew type detective. For a mini mystery, there are enough clues for the reader to develop their own theory. Lizzie is actually a likable heroine, clever & kind in her way. There are bits of humor mixed in & no violence (despite the Borden reputation).

For a quick read that readers will enjoy, I recommend giving this series a whirl. I give ‘The Agitated Elocutionist’ a 4 star rating.


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