The Mystery of the One-Armed Man: Liz Dodwell

A Captain Finn Treasure Mystery

Docked in Sarasota Bay, Florida, Captain Rex Finsmer & his First Mate, Phill, are disrupted by an odd noise.  Neither one expects to see anything other than storm debris. Imagine their surprise when they haul in a one-armed corpse.

Phill has accompanied the Captain on many of his treasure hunting expeditions. She’s also seen him unravel a few mysteries. So, when the one-armed deceased man’s granddaughter arrives seeking the Captain’s assistance, Phill isn’t surprised that he agrees to help. Before they know it, they’re smak in the middle of a historical treasure hunts, murderous revenge, & tales of the seas.

Liz Dodwell has taken a love for high seas adventures & molded it into a modern-day mystery series. Phill breaks stereotypes by being a female First Mate who loves her job & has ni qualms about getting her hands dirty. Captain Finsmer, based off a real life Captain, is wise & adventurous with a tender heart he often hides. The duo works alongside investigators, searching for answers for the family. A tad of historically relevent material is used & it’s done in a way as to increase our interest in the Captain’s adventures.

I’m impressed with the amount of mystery & information that Liz Dodwell was able to pack into these few pages. It’s fast-paced, but still a novella. It’s a series that both mystery & adventure story lovers can agree on. I give it 5 stars.


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