The Latke in the Library & Other Mystery Stories for Chanukah: Libi Astaire

A Collection of 5 Chanukah themed stories:

Acclaimed mystery writer, Agatha Krinsky, has just arrived at her new home. Due to a number of nasty falls in her previous residence, Agatha has been moved into an assisted living facility. Unhappy with her new arrangement, but understanding nonetheless, Agatha tries to adjust. Her day of arrival happens to be the First Day of Chanukah. Hoping a little lunch will brighten her mood, Agatha attempts to find her way around.

As she passed what would be the Library, she’s startled to see a body on the floor. No one nearby is of any help so she proceeds to the dining room. When she’s introduced to her tablemates, she tries to gain their assistance. Miss Eppel, Mr. Perlow, Mr. & Mrs. Bernfeld are all seated when she arrives. But when she tries to explain the Library corpse, she’s ignored. Instead each of them launches into their own story, their memories being stirred by Agatha’s discovery. Miss Eppel tells ‘The Latke in the Library’. Mr. Perlow owns ‘Evil Under the Wick’. Both Bernfeld’s join in for ‘And Then There Were Gornisht’. Agatha gets her chance with ‘The Olive Cracked’. Despite the enjoyable stories, will anyone listen to poor Agatha & check on the body upstairs?

I absolutely enjoyed every bit of these stories. What an adorable group of characters! It was so nice to read about seasoned citizens who are active, fun-loving & continue with everything they enjoy.  Most of all, they are treated with respect by the facility. Libi Astaire has developed a phenomenal group of main characters. Each of them brings a different personality & skill set to the group. Each is ornery, opinionated, & most of all, lovable.

I also enjoyed the Chanukah traditions sprinkled throughout the plot. Even with all that was going on in their residence, the crew was careful to observe their religion. There is no violence or risky situations- just good, clean fun. I highly recommend reading it. It’s not lengthy, but very enjoyable. I give it 5 stars.


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