The Tomb of the Gods: David Leadbeater

Book #4 in the Matt Drake Series.
Books 1-3 come to a climactic conclusion as Matt Drake & his team search out Tomb 3. After finding Odin’s tomb, defeating the Blood King, & barely escaping with their sanity, the motley crew is headed back to Europe. Almost all of them have lost someone close to them. This time their super villain foe is not just one man, but a group.
The Shadow Elite, as they’re known, is an unknown collective of individuals from 6 dominant, immensely rich, & power families. Behind all the world leaders, one finds the Shadow Elite. Currently, the group has their sights set on the 8 Pieces of Odin. To aid their quest, they’ve dispatched their henchman to eliminate Drake’s team. Once the 8 pieces are recovered & put in the third tomb, it is said that a ‘doomsday device’ will trigger.
Now, Drake must find a way to delay Armageddon & keep his team alive. While no one has yet taken on the Elite & lived to tell about it, they’ve never met Matt Drake.
I had very high expectations for Book #4. I’ve become invested in the characters & wanted to see how it all played out. The series continues; however, this ‘Odin’ quartet ends with ‘Tomb”. From page one, I waited & wanted the ‘Wow’ factor. It never came.
The book is definitely action-packed & a roller coaster of who was going to survive. The Shadow Elite angle has huge potential, but was under utilized. Matt & Hayden continue to be the focal point though most of the other characters achieve their 15 minutes of fame, too. Perhaps the fact was that the Blood King was such a deliciously rotten villain that there was no plausible way to top him.
It’s definitely a must read if you follow Books 1-3, otherwise, it’s would be equivalent to skipping the final chapter. I just wish it had pack more punch to leave a lasting impression. When the series resumes, there will be a different plot than Odin.
I’m still holding out hope for the series, but this one is a 3 star novel.


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