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The Mentor: Rita Carla Francesca

Twenty years ago, Eric Shaw worked the most memorable case of his career. What started as a home invasion ended as the systemic massacre of a family. Only one seven-year old girl survived. Her story left an impression on Eric’s heart that has lasted those two decades while he’s worked in Scotland Yard.

Now, having established a noteworthy career, he & his team of criminologists are called in to work another disturbing case. Although he tries to shake the feeling, he can’t help but draw on similarities from the case twenty years ago. Victims have changed, but the methods are eerily similar. Eric will need to dig deep into memories that no one would like to revisit.

Is someone sending a message? Clues are few as are suspects. He & his team are highly skilled. With multiple current victims added to the 3 from the past, Scotland’s finest needs to end this quickly.

Brutal is the best way to describe the murders. Intense is the best adjective for the plot. It is absolutely non-stop from page one. Yes, I read it in one sitting. Readers will have no choice but to flip-flop their theories on what is really going on. Francesca has crafted a true thinking person’s thriller. Way beyond cat and mouse police work, this is emotion & not even close to a ‘light’ read.

Eric is a policeman with society’s best interests at heart. However, his tactics are flawed. Highly respected by his crew, in all honesty, he should have excused himself from the case. But, in fiction, what fun would that be? Consummate professionals, his team of supporting characters add depth & a more realistic edge to the plot.

Some of the scenes depicted may bother sensitive readers. I don’t feel the author overdid the gore. It just is what it is, per se. While it may not be a truly original plot, the author’s creativity in storytelling gives it a fresh feel. Originally published in Italian, it’s been re-done in English. If you’re up for a mental workout & don’t mind the violence, this one will not disappoint. I give it 4 stars.



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