The Merry Christmas Mystery: Loy Ray Clemons

Bentwood Creek, Utah prides itself on having traditional values. Predominantly a Mormon community, the majority of residents celebrate Jesus’ birth. However, several residents prefer a secular point of view. To appease both sides, the town has displayed simple decorations proclaiming ‘Season’s Greetings’. All of that changes in the middle of the night during a snow storm.

Once the storm subsides, residents are surprised to see the four banners hanging over Main Street now read ‘Merry Christmas’. Most of the town is thrilled. Mayor Fosfer is concerned, though, about anti-Christian bigwigs causing a stir. His fears are quickly substantiated when high-powered attorneys & advocates arrive in town.

Steadfast in their beliefs, the mayor & his supporters decide not to cave in to the special interest group. As they fight the cause they believe in, small town secrets will come to light revealing betrayals as well as unbelievable generosity. During a holiday they’ll never forget some will find love, some will realize what’s most important to them, & the magic of Christmas will be renewed.

Loy Ray Clemons’ story is everything that is right about a Christmas-themed book. While it provides a feel good, seasonal warmth, it also brings a tale of family, drama, mystery, & a little romance. It is the type of book avid readers seek out for the Holidays. Each character is crafted to bring a different element to the story & for most of the story, the fight for Christmas could go either way.

Being that we hear so many news stories of folks suing folks over Nativity scenes & crosses, it’s a timely tale with a classical feel. Highly recommended, I give it 5 stars! Merry Christmas!


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