Celebrate the Season with Beauty Box 5

20151213_115846Merry Christmas! Hopefully, your to-do list is dwindling & you’re ready to enjoy the festivities. Our December Beauty Box has arrived & we’re wished a Happy ‘Smoky’ Season from our favorite subscription service. All 5 products this month are themed towards a Smoky look. It’s certainly one of my favorite make-up tricks. Thank goodness we don’t have to wait until the 25th to open this present!
20151213_120050 Smoky eyes with glitter are the goal of OFRA’s  Shimmer Eye Shadow. My box contained a color called ‘iron’. It’s suitable to use in palettes or kits. I used it as it came. Depending on the level of color you’re going for, you can apply it with a heavy hand for darker color or blend it around until it’s more of an accent. Because I usually use an eyeshadow crayon or something similar, I base the amount of time shadow lasts on how it compares to the stick. In this case, it lasted just as long which was a normal eight hour day. With an MSRP of $13.50 (the shadow in the box is full size), it is pricier than my stick shadow, but I’ve seen plenty of brands that are more expensive, too.
20151213_120600Now, if blending is a challenge for you or you just want a cleaner, blended look, Beauty Box 5 has created their own brand’s blending brush. It’s very easy to use with a perfectly sized handle. No more messy make-up hands or Q-Tips. I actually was really pleased with the brush. It certainly did its job without any extra work on my part. With an MSRP of $10, it’s competitively priced & well made.
Eye liner is obviously essential to the smoky eye look. Prestige Cosmetics adds it full-sized Total Intensity Eyeliner to this month’s mix. It’s a pencil liner, not mechanical or twist up. You can use the brush to smudge it, too. When paired with the OFRA Shadow, it was visible even though the colors were similar. As far as lasting, it went the distance as well as any other. I still prefer liquid liner but with an MSRP of $5.95, it’s a good investment to keep with you for touch-ups or quick application in a pinch.
20151213_120032 Balance out the dark eye with ‘The Beauty Crop’ Glamazon Stick. I like that it’s in crayon form like my usual shadow. It most definitely brought out the other eye colors & made my eye area look more ‘awake’. Full-sized, which is included, it has an MSRP of $22 which is a little too steep for me to purchase on a continual basis. However, for a special occasion where pictures would be taken, I’d probably invest in it.20151213_120008Honestly, my favorite product this month is the ‘So Fresh So Clean’ Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. They’re amazing. I had no trouble removing the dark eye makeup without leaving behind those raccoon marks. It is very gentle & didn’t cause any breakouts. For an MSRP of $2.99 for 25, I’m a fan.

All 5 products are full-sized this month. That’s a huge plus! As a BB5 subscriber, you can get a comparable box every month for $12. Being that just 1 or 2 of these products far exceed that amount, you’re saving a good chunk of change. You’ll like some, love some, & even dislike some, but you’ll no doubt enjoy trying new products. No winter driving. No crowded stores. All you do is open your mailbox & it’s Christmas 12 months a year. You can find out full product info as well as how to order on the website http://www.beautybox5.com. Start your Holiday off right with new beauty finds and pick up a subscription as a gift for those who’re hard to buy for! Merry Christmas!!

I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.


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