St. Valentine’s Day Cookie Massacre: Elisabeth Crabtree

“A Hatter’s Cove Gazette Mystery”

Tired of the big city life in Miami, Kat has returned to Hatter’s Cove to work at the local paper. As an investigative journalist, she’s unhappy with her current role as food critic. Telling local establishments that their food is subpar hasn’t earned her any acclaim. For Kat, the food poisonings & angry owners aren’t her cup of tea.

However, when the Cookie Jar bakery opens, she’s optimistic. Owned by on old family friend, Dolly, the Cookie Jar offers some of the best cookies ever made. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, perfect timing for some heart shaped goodies. Kat & her cameraman of the moment, Simon, sample cookies along with the packed bakery’s crowd. But, the Grand Opening is marred when Dolly’s employee, Benny, & Simon get into a heated altercation. All the festivities are abruptly canceled when the two men wreck the store.

Benny wasn’t well-liked, but it’s still a shocker when he’s found dead behind a dumpster the same night. He may have just fought with Simon, but plenty of people were better off with him dead. Suddenly, Kat’s back in the investigative journalism game. Who used poisoned cookies to kill the baker man?

‘Cookie Massacre’ has suspects galore. For such a small town, they certainly have a lot of shady folks. Kat serves as a great heroine, smart & fearless. Her role as food critic provides comic relief & there are hints of romance here & there. The plot itself was a fresh take on small town murders & the storyline allows room for readers to guess the criminal.

This is a good start to a series that readers can sink their teeth into. I give the debut 4 stars.


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