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Sharpe Edge: Lisa B. Thomas

‘Maycroft Mystery Series’

Wealthy widow, Carolyn Fitzhugh, is throwing a huge party for the holidays. Using it as a platform to increase donations to a number of charities, anyone who is anyone will be there. Retires teacher, Deena Sharpe, & her husband have been invited much to their delight. Carolyn’s sprawling estate & untold wealth are envious to say the least.

Everyone is celebrating when a scream interrupts the festivities. At the bottom of a large staircase is Carolyn, dead. Money & murder are no strangers, but by all accounts it appears to have been accidental. Her wheelchair simply got too close to the top step- didn’t it? All the guests believe so until Carolyn’s daughter Estelle cries foul.

With a reputation as an amateur sleuth, Deena is Estelle’s pick to help her decided whether or not it was really an accident. Searching through a well-to-do family’s dirty laundry is daunting, but Deena wants the truth for Estelle. Did Carolyn have secret enemies or an unfortunate fall?

This book was great fun. Suspects & theories go back & forth quickly. Readers will be nearly finished before they can definitively decide what is what. Deena is a fabulous heroine, gutsy & honest. The townsfolk are all a little quirky as we’d expect from Smalltown, USA.

As for the plot, the death of someone wealthy may not be new per se, but this is definitely a new spin. It isn’t a typical holiday story either which makes it all the more fun. I look forward to more ‘Sharpe’ books in the future. I give it 5 stars.


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