The Gates of Hell: David Leadbeater

Book #3 in the ‘Matt Drake’ Series

Book #2 left us with a cliffhanger ending. Matt’s team was still chasing the elusive Blood King. Now, we join the entire team in Hawaii. Paradise is seriously in jeopardy.

Based off journals from Captain Cook, The Gates of Pele have been somewhat of a legend. Hidden within Hawaii’s intricate lava tubes, very little are known about them. Referred to also as the Gates of Hell, no one knows what leaves beyond them. Cook himself fled before finishing his exploration. While building his empire, the Blood King has made finding the Gates of Hell his life-long quest. Enormous amounts of bloodshed & destruction have led up to his goal.

Due to recent events, Matt Drake has slipped into a deep depression. Secluding himself, he readies for battle. Hayden Jaye & her CIA cohorts know that to defeat the Blood King, they’ll need every resource available to them. Accompanied by her right hand man, Mano, a Hawaiian native, they focus on rescuing the scores of hostages being held on at various locations by the Blood King. Ben Blake, Hayden’s new love, & his sister, Karin, pour over the journals, using brains over brawn. Cook may be the key to finding & ultimately destroying, the King. Weapon of Mass Destruction, Mai Kitano, is distracted by the Blood vendetta issued against all member of Matt’s team. It hits close to home & she’ll need to work quickly in order to assist Matt. Rounding out the crew, former SAS rogue, Alicia Myles, has her sights set on avenging the death of her boyfriend.

Each has their own motive. However, the goal is the same: Destroy the Blood King once & for all.

Most of the novel is separated into parts. Individual main characters & a few duos are divided quite a bit. Overall, it is non-stop. If bookmarking is necessary, you’ll need to re-read a page or two to refresh yourself due to the fast pace. Readers are better off reading it straight through.

Hayden’s character continues to develop, making her on the same hero/heroine plane as Matt. There is a great deal of violence as the fight draws nearer to our Super Villain. It is in a ‘war’ context & expected. The journey revolving around the Gates story is incredibly suspenseful & as one character makes mention, does parallel video games (Dante’s Inferno for one). It is definitely one installment that action fiction fans will want to check out.

While it is recommended that one read the books in order, and I agree, this one could probably stand alone. It’s not as well done as the previous two, but a good read nonetheless. I give it 4 stars.


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