Joy: Celina Grace

“A Kate Redman Short Story for Christmas”

Law enforcement can’t take a Holiday. Kate Redman had been peacefully shopping for gifts when she’s soon back to work. Now, she’s faced with a case that no one ever wants to see, especially this time of year. A child is missing. Eighteen month old, Sophia, has been taken from her mother’s car. As she’s taking the report, Kate’s startled at a sudden visitor.

Local transient, Charlie, known as a petty thief, has arrived at the station with Sophia. Charlie may lift pens & things, but never a baby. Something very odd is going on & Kate needs to figure it out quickly. With her sharp mind & gentle heart, no one is more suited for this case than Kate. Can she fit the pieces together in time to give everyone a Merry Christmas?

Celina Grace has taken everything awesome about Kate Redman & compacted it into a short story. Not only does our heroine solve the case efficiently, but it makes sense. I love that even though things around her are in a grim state, she keeps her good-hearted nature. I think it’s wonderful that Kate, as an officer, is portrayed as truly caring about the homeless, keeping people more important than her job. More law enforcement heroes/heroines should be written as such.

As for the plot, Celina Grace took a simplistic case design & added new dimensions to it. It’s a short but quality, seasonal read. I give it 5 stars.




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