Magic in Christmas River: Meg Muldoon

Christmas River is switching up holidays. Halloween is around the corner in this 7th installment of the series. For the first time, Daniel has decided that he & Cinnamon need to go all out for it this year. While he’s concentrating on pumpkins & motorized skeletons, Cinnamon isn’t having as cheerful an Autumn.
After having a run-in with the town’s recluse, Hattie, Cinnamon begins having a string of bad luck & near misses. Most of the town’s children believe that Hattie is a witch who hides in her house with her cat. Not one to be superstitious, Cinnamon never put much stock in that theory. Regardless, it seems that Hattie’s appearance coincided with her mishaps. Multiple times, Hattie makes herself known to Cinnamon, then simply darts away.
Daniel dismisses them as just that-mishaps. But even he can’t ignore when the pie shop’s renovations unearth a startling discovery. A class ring is discovered & it just happens to have belonged to a young man who disappeared decades ago. Of course, now Cinnamon feels the need to know what happened to the young man. As she begins pulling skeletons out of closets, she realizes that maybe seeing Hattie wasn’t just by chance. There’s a definite mystery that’s been hidden in Christmas River for almost sixty years. If anyone can solve it, it’s Cinnamon.
‘Magic’ is definitely a great read. Good, clean fun & clever clues make this plot a winner. Hattie was actually a wonderful addition to break up the small town monotony. Daniel’s character has come a long way & he’s acting like an actual Sheriff now without depending on his wife to solve the town’s problems.
This is definitely one of Meg Muldoon’s best in this series. Her character development is terrific & it’s nice to see her having Cinnamon leave the pie shop to live a little. Well done, this one is definitely 4 stars.


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