Killer Christmas: Harper Lin

Emma Wild Mystery Book #1

Singing sensation, Emma Wild has returned to her hometown for the holidays. Weathering a nasty, public break-up with Golden Boy, Nick Doyle, her hope is to forget her troubles for Christmas. Seeing family & old friends is just what she needed. No paparazzi. No screaming fans.

Chocoholic Café, owned by her sister, is one of her first stops. As she waits for her hot chocolate, she’s enthusiastically greeted by a mega-fan. As they chat, the young girl abruptly drops to the floor -dead. With the chaotic scene unfolding, it isn’t until later that Emma realizes that the girl had inadvertently picked up Emma’s hot chocolate instead of her own soy latte.

That being the case, the poisoning that occurred had actually been meant for Emma. She hasn’t even been back in town for a week & someone is trying to kill her. Over the course of her career, she’s had people write & say many mean things but never try to murder her! Obviously, someone in this town is not happy to see her return. Now that an innocent person is dead, Emma’s determined to figure out what’s going on.

Emma is a very likable heroine. She just has that way about her where she feels like you really know her. Even though she is a huge celebrity, her character is written to be the small town girl who never forgot where she came from.

The road towards solving the mystery is a long one. But, Harper Lin does it in such a way that I really didn’t mind. She did a lot of character development & made sure that all the way to the last page, everything made sense. There is certainly an extensive amount packed into an under 200 page story. But, the background on Emma was fun to read & really did add that extra something to the story as a whole. The supporting cast of characters has just enough room to maneuver in the plot & make sense without being overdone.

I’ll be checking out the remainder of the series. It’s nice to have found another author who writes good, clean fiction with substance. I give it 4 stars.


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