The Christmas Corpse: Mathiya Adams

A Hot Dog Detective Holiday Novella

Former Detective turned Hot Dog Vendor, MacFarland, knows the pain of being homeless. Now that several of his homeless friends have gotten a home, he happily celebrates with them. To add to the holiday happiness, a few of the men have gotten jobs at a nearby Christmas tree lot.

Ozzie & Leroy know it isn’t the easy job & the owner isn’t the nicest guy to work for, but money is money. But, no one knew how dangerous the tree business really can be. Soon after starting there, Ozzie is found dead. It’s obvious to everyone that there’s more the Christmas cheer going on in that lot.

Feeling compelled to find justice for his friend, MacFarland launches his own investigation alongside the current police. If anyone can find out who this Grinch is, it’s MacFarland.

It became blatantly obvious that this wasn’t a stand alone installment in the series. For the most part, when I encounter that, I want to go back & read the first batch. This time isn’t one of those cases. I definitely felt out of the loop at not knowing the background for the characters; however, I initially believed I could catch on. Again, not the case.

Putting that element aside, most of the novella is messy & confusing. Chunks of the plot concerning the murder are simply left out as if readers should just fill in the blanks. Most of the character focus is on Leroy working the lot & Ozzie is just added in as a corpse. It just seemed way out of focus & skipped scenes way too often.

For much of the story, I felt as if I had inadvertently skipped pages, losing chunks of plot. The characters aren’t developed enough to become invested in. If the novella was written to gain notoriety for the series, it failed. I give it 2 stars & will pass on any further installments.



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