The Blood King Conspiracy: David Leadbeater

Book #2 in The ‘Matt Drake’ Series.

Blackbeard was a name that struck fear in the hearts of men. Feared, respected, & hated- Blackbeard is arguably the most notorious of all pirates. ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge’, his infamous ship, found a home at the bottom of the ocean when Blackbeard was killed. As our novel explains, a discovery was made during the salvaging of the ship. What had initially appeared to be just another artifact is about to cause chaos, worldwide.

Matt Drake is back with his crew, Kennedy Moore & Ben Blakey. Fresh off their last adventure, their mini-vacation is over. Ben’s new love, Hayden, is in Miami with her CIA team. Their mission is covert. At least it was, until armed men storm their safe house, annihilating Hayden’s team & kidnapping her. Facts are scarce but Matt, Kennedy & Ben know they must find her.

Behind the scenes, an unknown entity who goes by the name ‘The Blood King’, is preparing for all out war. Unlike Matt’s team, he knows exactly what Blackbeard held on board. Like Blackbeard, the Blood King is fearless & bloodthirsty. Committed to obtaining this item for his own gains, he barrels through all in his path. Whoever holds it, holds the world in their hands. To him, no one’s life matters. He’s the most dangerous enemy Matt’s ever faced.

Calling on governments & every resource he can muster, Matt knows he’ll have to find & stop the Blood King. Accompanied by some old friends & even some enemies along with his team, they search for an anomaly -a man with no name, no history, & no known location. What secrets could a pirate from the 1700s have that is so vital to a man in the 2000s?

Book #2 far surpassed its predecessor. While any debut in a series is hindered by having to identify main characters, establish plots, etc., this sequel exploded into action from the get-go. Our super villain, The Blood King, is nightmarish & frighteningly real. His believability creates a persona that is hard to shake. Matt solidifies his role as hero while sidekick Ben takes a step forward. We also have Hayden, who came in at the tail of Book 1. As she takes a huge leap into main heroine, she fairs fairly well. He character is strong & although her relationship with Ben is confusing, she’s able to keep all her plates spinning.

The plot itself was quite original in my opinion. We’re kept on the edge in regards to the discovery from the ship for quite some time. There’s no lag though due to the incredible amount of action provided. Once we’re put in the loop, all makes sense & the book continues on. Book #2 is impressive & very well done. I am looking forward to Book #3.

Definitely, 4 stars.


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