Manic in Christmas River: Meg Muldoon

Warren, Cinnamon’s Grandfather, has been in Scotland for some time now, learning to craft beer. Scotland is where he met his new wife, Aileen, & the two have come back to Christmas River. Fourth of July celebrations are in full swing & Warren is scheduled to open his new brewery on the 4th. Geronimo Brewing Company is set to be a place of fun where residents & tourists can try unique beer concoctions. Apparently, not everyone is excited about it opening.
Initially, Warren just received a few nasty notes. Everyone believes it to be a competitor in the beer industry, Rip. Like Warren, Rip owns a local watering hole although his is in a seedier part of town. As a family, Cinnamon & Daniel support Warren & even work opening night along with Aileen’s Scottish grandson, Ian. Fun times end quickly when the fireworks are finished.
A trip to get a barrel of beer finds Warren discovering the bloodied boy of his nemesis. Shot, Rip has died. Police arrive to find Warren with blood literally on his hands. No one believes he’s responsible, but it looks bad. As one National Holiday they’ll never forget, Warren & his extended family need to prove his innocence, quickly. Daniel’s hands are tied due to a conflict of interest. It’s up to Cinnamon to save the day.
‘Manic’ was a good mix of mystery & suspense. I liked that Warren was the center of the conflict this time. He’s been a background player for the majority of the series. He works well as a lead hero-type. I also really like Aileen. I think she was a great addition to the Peters-Brightman clan. For me, a great twist was giving Warren his own business, proving that age doesn’t matter in achieving dreams.
We also get to meet another crop of previously unknown Christmas River residents. Each gets just enough time to be relevant without overshadowing Warren’s time in the sun. Our author has grown by leaps & bounds. I hope she continues. Four stars for ‘Manic’.


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