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Murder in the Spotlight: Chloe Kendrick

Food Truck Mystery #2

‘Dogs on a Roll’ is ready for its fifteen minutes of fame. Maeve, the food truck’s owner, has signed up to compete on a reality television show. With chef, Land, by her side, she thinks they have a pretty good shot of winning, too. Hosted by celebrity chef, Johnny Ruck, multiple food trucks selling varieties of food go head-to-head during challenges. Capital City is buzzing with news of the show.

Initially, Maeve’s only concern was that viewers would mistakenly tag her as Land’s girlfriend. But, it’s soon obvious that there are more sinister motives on the set. At first, a few harmless pranks are committed. Annoying, yes, but hardly illegal. Even though the pranks become meaner, no one expects a murder. That is, until Maeve discovers two dead bodies in the green room. Who wants to win the contest badly enough that they’d kill for it?

I have to say, some of the pranks were pretty funny. I won’t spoil it, but they were certainly unexpected! Chloe Kendrick has done a great job with this second installment. Maeve has become more likable & the chemistry between her & Land works.

My only complaint with this one is the use of vocabulary. I’m all for spicy up descriptions, but, I think there’s an overused thesaurus in this picture. Our author tends to utilize adjectives that no one would in a regular day. It becomes a bit distracting. In fact, there were a large number of editing misses throughout the book.

Regardless, I enjoyed the plot of having them compete on the show. There were enough clues to keep readers guessing a bit as anyone at anytime could have ben the culprit. I’m glad I happened upon the series & will continue. ‘Spotlight’ gets 4 stars.


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