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Mischief in Christmas River: Meg Muldoon

Cinnamon’s Pies has been a staple in Christmas River for as long as folks can remember. Many businesses line the streets of town, but nothing close to the Pie Shop. Christmas River’s scenery is about to change, though.
Pepper Posey has floated right into town & opened up a pastry shop, directly across from Cinnamon’s. Though not exclusively a pie maker, Pepper offers wares previously unseen in the town. Professionally trained, young, stunning- Pepper has it all. competitive juices flow when Cin finds out Pepper will be her major competition at this year’s Gingerbread Junction Gingerbread House Contest. All that will have to take a backseat when mischief begins.
People in Christmas River adore their dogs. They’re family. So, no one takes it lightly when dogs start disappearing. Every owner is on high alert. But, even the police aren’t immune. Shasta, a highly priced, highly trained drug enforcement dog, vanishes from the PD. Daniel & Cinnamon search everywhere for her. Things hit close to home, when the couple’s dogs are the next to be napped. Can the dogs be recovered before something dastardly happens to them? Will Cin be able to defend her pie shop with so much on her mind?
‘Mischief’ is a fun mystery that introduces a wealth of new characters. Here we have multiple storylines going at once & Meg Muldoon does a great job paying attention to all of them. While alert readers will absolutely have the solutions pegged by the middle of the book, with the multiple plots, it won’t detract from the plot as a whole.
Daniel has become a much stronger ‘hero’ character & takes lead, as he should, being the Sheriff. We also see Tobias & Tiana, the pie shop assistants, become more of a mainstay. I like them both, so I was good with that. I really enjoyed this one & hope the series will continue. I give it 4 stars.

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