Roasted in Christmas River: Meg Muldoon

Jack Daniels isn’t usually expected to be the main fare at Thanksgiving dinner. However, he is, if Jack Daniels happens to be the name of a specific turkey.
A local Christmas River family received Jack Daniels as a gift to insure that the family had dinner this year. Without Jack, they’d have no turkey dinner. As his name implies though, Jack has a wild side & tends to bust loose from his pen. Everyone initially assumes that was the case when Jack turns up missing. A closer look reveals that Jack didn’t fly the coop on his own this time.

Even though Cinnamon & Daniel are expecting a house full of guests this year, they can’t help but feel for the needy family. Typical of Cin, she dies headfirst into this Thanksgiving mystery. Between fulfilling major pie orders at her shop, cooking a feast, & trying to exhale, she assists her Sheriff husband in piecing together the clues. Along the way, she gains a new perspective on helping others & the value of family.

‘Roasted’ is a fabulous addition to the Christmas River series. This installment focuses more on the residents of Christmas River rather than just Cinnamon’s family. More or less, we see that, despite its festive name, it has the same issues that plaque every town in America. It was good to see Daniel take a more active role in crime solving & his wife taking a backseat per se. She’s never far away from the scene, but he does most of the policing duties.
This installment showed a lot of heart & character depth. The plot was great with bits of humor & mystery working together. Of them all so far, this has become my favorite. I give it 5 stars.


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