In the Waning Light: Loreth Anne White

True crime writers have to dig deep into old wounds. Often, those involved find the process brings them closure & healing. Meg Brogan has made a career out of telling these people’s’ stories. Justice prevails. Case closed. However, in her writing, Meg has always avoided one particular story.

Until a Late Show host challenges her boundaries, Meg never even considered writing it. Of all the crime stories in the history of the world, she’d know this one the best. It is, after all, her sister’s story.
Young Sherry Brogan was found raped & murdered in her small coastal town of Shelter Bay. Nearby, an unconscious, but alive Meg was found, too.

Although by all accounts, Sherry’s murder is considered solved, Meg has never faced it head-on. No recollection of that day exists for Meg. In her own way, she’s moved on. Finding fame, wealth & a picture-perfect fiancé, she’s done with Shelter BAy. But, the prodding of the show’s host awakens something in Meg.

Soon, she finds herself back in her hometown. Seeking closure may be right for Meg, but townsfolk are content letting the past stay as it has always been. As she visits old ‘friends’ & hangouts, it soon becomes apparent that not all of them are glad to see her. Revisiting Sherry’s case soon unearths more questions than answers. Unfortunately, what Meg thought was over simply isn’t. What secrets were buried with Sherry? Is her killer really dead or were they all wrong all along?

Loreth Anne White has written one incredible novel. From the first page, I was hooked. Meg is the perfect heroine, with an intense amount of baggage. Shelter Bay becomes far more than a setting. It becomes an actual character as if it has personally hidden secrets for its native sons & daughters. What makes the plot so riveting, I believe, is that this type of case can & does happen more often than we’d like to admit. Guilty people face delayed justice or none at all & vice versa for the innocent.

As the plot snowballs & we meet more supporting characters, it becomes apparent that this could be Anytown, USA. Each chapter delivers more clues & more doubt about what the truth may be. Our author has expertly crafted twists, turns, & suspense. ‘In the Waning Light’ has a great mixture for all readers: romance, mystery, action, & suspense. Every reader will unconsciously form an opinion about what’s really going on, but they may well be wrong (I was).

I’d definitely read further works from Loreth Ann White. For this novel, I give it 5 stars.

Caution for sensitive readers: both sex & violence are included.




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