Murder to Go: Chloe Kendrick

Food Truck Mysteries Book 1
Maeve Kincaid has inherited a food truck. Having never worked in the food industry before, she’s apprehensive yet excited. Obviously, her Aunt Alice had faith in her so Maeve’s determined to make a go of it. Accompanied by food truck chef, Land, ‘Dogs on a Roll’ is back in business.
In the competitive food truck biz, her most fierce rival is Meat Treats. Located just a bit down the street from ‘Dogs’, Maeve’s in the perfect position to notice a larger than normal crowd in front of her competitor. However, no one is prepared to find the truck’s owner, dead & headless. Fred had been known to be a little abrasive, but this was ludicrous! But, Maeve’s in for a bigger shock when she realizes that she’s a suspect. Detective Danvers makes his presence known immediately along with his concerns over Maeve’s debut coinciding with the murder. Trying to prove her innocence won’t be easy. She wants to do right by Aunt Alice, so between serving customers & cleaning, she launches her own investigation. Can Maeve & ‘Dogs on a Roll’ survive this road block?

I was pleasantly surprised by the Food Truck Mysteries. Maeve makes a very unconventional heroine, flawed & happily so. Land serves as a reluctant sidekick who’d rather be the hero. Together, they have terrific chemistry. As for the main scenery, a food truck is definitely not a typical murder mystery locale. But, it works.

Our duo works within the confines of the law, carefully allowing the police to do their jobs. At one point, Land even defends the Detective to a frustrated Maeve. It’s nice to see an author show the police in a competent light. I’m glad to have discovered another ‘Cozy Mystery’ series that is worth reading, with substance & great characters.

I’ll be reading more of the ‘Food Truck Mysteries’. I give the first installment a 4 star rating.


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