2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Gnoments

New on the scene and ready to help you remember the importance of the little things in a relationship, Gnoments is a unique relationship-building tool to help you share and create special moments with the one you love.

“These cute gnomes, with their plush red hats, white hair, and magnetic hands, give couples a tool to connect and add some fun to their relationships by encouraging a playful interaction and thoughtfulness. The gnomes can be used in various ways to create surprise and excitement for your loved one. If simplicity is what you cherish, use the gnome’s back pouch to hide a handwritten note, gift, or memento. For a more high-tech option, use the embedded NFC tag (Near field Communications) to program a variety of messages and adventures.

Currently available for most Android users, and surely soon to be enabled for iPhones everywhere, smart phones can easily program the NFC tag inside each gnome to offer another exciting way of being romantic, thoughtful, and fun. Record a YouTube video, sound clip, write a text, or set up a scavenger hunt, and all your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or anyone else for that matter simply has to do is scan the gnome, and they will see the message on their phone! If you are away from your gnome, but still want to send a special message, Gnoments’ mobile-friendly website includes a special messaging system called Gnomifications, where one can create a Gnomitar (a gnome avatar) and send an email or text with the same links one can share through the embedded NFC tags.

Kind gestures goes a long way to show someone how much you care, and the possibilities are endless with Gnoments. Don’t wait to create your special moments, build a stronger relationship with Gnoments today.

The Gnoments kit includes a boy and girl gnome, each with a special pouch for including notes, mementos, and gifts, along with an embedded NFC chip for high tech messages and a 32 page hard-covered, illustrated story book with ideas to get you started so you can begin making special moments today.”

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As someone who’s been married for close to two decades now, I know how easily we can take each day for granted. Work & life get in the way. When love is new, it’s easy to remember to hold hands or make time to talk. But, as time marches on, these little things tend to fall to the wayside.

Simplistic as it may sound, little things are important. Sometimes it takes a little reminder like our Gnome friends here, to get us back in focus. In my opinion, these would be the ideal gift for a couple who has been married awhile. Relationship builders shouldn’t be mundane or boring. If you have friends or relatives who’ve either hit a rough relationship patch or who seem distant from one another, Gnoments is a fun, subtle way to encourage them to persevere.

Better yet, gift them to yourself. No need to wait for Valentine’s Day. Put one near the coffee pot where your spouse will find it in the morning. Include a simple love note or their favorite chocolate. Make it fun. Gnoments are too cute not to notice! Think of them as you would the Elf on a Shelf-  finding imaginative places to display them. They’re a great, imaginative gift for husbands, wives, or boy- and girlfriends.

There’s no better investment than the family unit. Building a stronger relationship is a gift to everyone and totally worth it.
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*Pics belong to PR. Promotional info provided by PR.

I received the aforementioned product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.


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