2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Baby’s Brilliant

HUGGLY-WUGGLY-305x210A Huggly Wuggly Pug“: Al Pelullo“An adorable pug goes about his day looking for a Huggly-Wuggly-Hug”
SCARED-COVER-305x210It’s Alright to be Scared“: Benedict Coulter“Jack is excited to go to his new school after summer vacation but first he has to go to the doctor and get a shot but this makes him scared. The shot was over so fast he couldn’t believe it, that made him feel better. Then at school his hero a astronaut was a guest in class and Jack raised his hand and asked him if he was scared when he went to space. The astronaut said that he was and that it was alright to be scared. This made Jack happy to know he learned today that it is really alright to be scared.”
00-cover-305x210There’s Nothing Like Sharing“: Benedict Coulter“Not all children are created equal. Some are born to be “perfect” just as most parents see their children. Perfect until they start to grab toys away from other children, because sharing is just too challenging. Who wants to give up their toys for another child to play with?
Ever feel like your little needs help in the “sharing” field?”
cover-english-305x210It’s Alright to Look Different“: Benedict Coulter“Geared towards children ages 24 months to 5 years old, “It’s Alright to Look Different” is the heart-warming short story of a little chick who was born a different color than his brothers and sisters. Because of the way he looks, the other chicks separate him from the group and ignore him. Then one night, danger appears in the form of a hungry fox, and the little chick is the only one who is able to save them.”
Reading is one of the most important gifts we can give our children. Instilling a love of reading early on sets them up for success. Whether you need some new additions to your homeschool library or just love gifting books, these 4 titles need to be on your list.
Not only are they fun & easy to follow, they’re message is clear. It is okay to be whoever you are. Bullying is everywhere. As caregivers, we have to start early to prevent of kids from becoming bullied or bullies themselves. We need to raise up a generation of kids who aren’t afraid to speak up for themselves & others. The Golden Rule still applies in today’s society.
Sometimes when we aren’t sure how to get our message across, books can fill in the gaps. When we feel connected to the characters, readers can out themselves in the characters’ place. Utilize great children’s books like these four to establish teachable moments & dialogue. They’ll be cherished gifts.
My favorite is ‘It’s Alright to Look Different’. Although I love the theme of all four, there’s something about that little chicken that I love. I highly recommend you add these to your library.
Visit Baby Brilliant for full info on all their products for the Holidays:

*Pics belong to Baby Brilliant only. Promotional info provided by PR. We received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.


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